Mixcloud's Sound Strategy for Engaging Millions of Listeners

The Story

Where do the leading broadcasters, DJs, and fans go for music, podcasts, commentary and more? The answer is Mixcloud.com. In 2008, four Cambridge University students created the audio streaming service for radio hosts to make their shows available online. Since then Mixcloud has played host to an audience of tens of millions of people, connecting listeners with their favorite broadcasters ranging from music stars like Swedish DJ Avicii to global news organizations like The Guardian. From starting out as a small group of university friends, Mixcloud has quickly grown into a global team with offices in London, Cambridge, and New York.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Adding Facebook Login to the mix

Mixcloud was looking to engage with its listeners and give them a simple and effortless way of connecting to the platform.

The Solution

Facebook Login helped them to achieve just that. Quick and easy to use, it allowed people to connect to the service from any of their devices and start listening to their favorite DJ sets in just a few moments. Moreover, listeners who logged in with Facebook were also given a familiar and engaging environment based on the information about the artists, playlists, and friends they followed on the platform.

While people were given the option to log in with email or Facebook, 70-80% of listeners chose the seamless and engaging experience via Facebook Login.

Listening for audience insights with Analytics for Apps

When it comes to understanding its audience, Mixcloud listens as avidly as its customers do. Analytics for Apps helped the team to build a detailed picture of its listeners, proving to be an invaluable aid to Mixcloud’s growth. Demographics information, for example, revealed that Mixcloud is the home of a hard-to-reach audience of 18-30 year olds, helping the team have more effective discussions with their advertising partners. ‘Like’ and ‘share’ numbers showing high audience engagement with its content helped Mixcloud to show value of its platform to partners like Eventbrite and Sonos in an accountable and externally measured manner.

FbStart unlocks powerful networks, knowledge and tools

Mixcloud was one of the first developers to join FbStart. The program gave them access to free partner tools and services including Asana and UserTesting.com that helped the team gain more detailed insights into their customers and their preferences, leading to further improvements in the app.

We signed up for FbStart right at the start and soon realized it was a fantastic set of tools for accelerating our business. We've since adopted these products into our workflow and started to find new understandings about our users we would have never found otherwise.

- Mat Clayton, Co-Founder and CTO of Mixcloud

In addition to free tools and services, FbStart gave Mixcloud access to an ambitious and like-minded community of start-ups, deeper connections with Facebook experts, and an exciting program of networking events discussing the latest trends, ideas, and technical developments.

It was at an FbStart event in London where Mixcloud met Facebook's Audience Network team and discovered a solution that would help the company further grow and monetize its app.

Scaling monetization with Audience Network

Audience Network quickly became Mixcloud’s go-to solution for growing and monetizing its app. Suspecting that its listeners had grown bored of standard banner ads, Mixcloud moved to more relevant and engaging native ads, and Audience Network’s flexibility made it an effortless integration. Audience Network helped Mixcloud monetize over half of its inventory and saw CPMs up to 30% higher than other ads partners.

Moving faster with Open Source

Mixcloud also integrated a number of Open Source tools from Facebook, including React Native, Relay and GraphQL. Adopting this tool chain for its mobile apps allowed the team to consolidate the skillset and code required to ship native applications around JavaScript. The combination of these tools enabled Mixcloud to move 3-4X faster and work with smaller, more agile teams, giving it an edge over competitors.

As Mixcloud keeps growing, so do its future plans – reaching an even wider global audience, scaling and streamlining its service, and making its content even more relevant and engaging. With the help of Facebook, Mixcloud continues to strengthen its status as one of the world’s most popular audio platforms.

The Results


of listeners connect with Facebook Login


of inventory monetized with Audience Network


higher CPM with Audience Network


faster creation of apps with Facebook Open Source tools