Miniclip Takes on the World of Mobile Gaming

The Story

Miniclip is a global leader in digital games, with over 200M monthly active users across social, mobile and online platforms. Founded in 2001, the company has successfully grown a massive global audience, with over 1,000 online games and an internationally recognised brand name. Their mobile gaming portfolio has seen over half a billion downloads, led by key titles 8 Ball Pool™, Soccer Stars™ and™, and recently climbed to #4 in worldwide app downloads*.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

With a wide variety of hit games, Miniclip knew the importance of a seamless experience, letting people play on any platform they want to use, wherever they are. The company turned to Facebook to help them optimise each app for both mobile and the web. Miniclip’s flagship game, 8 Ball Pool, is one app in particular that they focused on using for scaling their audience and enhancing the gaming experience.

The Solution

Miniclip leveraged Facebook’s audience for 8 Ball Pool on the web, and accessed the full set of core Facebook developer platform tools, such as Facebook Login, [**Game Requests**](/docs/games/services/gamerequests), Sharing and Facebook Payments within their web app. This proved extremely valuable for the company in acquiring and retaining players, helping the app grow to more than 24M Facebook-connected monthly active players across desktop and mobile. helped the Miniclip team build 8 Ball Pool into a first-class game by serving as a test platform to quickly try out new features before rolling them out onto mobile. Whilst mobile platforms require a lengthy approval process for new releases, with they were able to test out new features in iterative builds. Leveraging Facebook Login helped increase engagement substantially, allowing 8 Ball Pool to get a 65% higher conversion rate among players who logged in via Facebook, and increase the 28 day retention rate by 5X. Strong retention and quality of Facebook connected players also helped drive up monetisation in 8 Ball Pool with the average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) for Facebook logged in players being 70% higher than those using other login solutions.

Miniclip continues to grow its audience worldwide with games that App Annie says have “astonishing virality”. Their latest title was the No. 1 app in 34 countries, and the most-downloaded App Store game in July 2015. 8 Ball Pool also sits comfortably in the iOS top grossing charts, and it's in the top 10 downloads across iOS and Android.

The Results


monthly active Facebook-connected players


higher 28-day retention rate with Facebook Login compared to other login solutions


higher conversion rate of Facebook logged in players


higher ARPDAU of Facebook connected players