Meitu Delivers Beauty On The Go With Facebook

Launched in 2008 by the CEO, Wu Xinhong and the Chairman, Cai Wensheng Xiamen-based Meitu is developing some of the world’s most popular mobile beauty, photo, video editing and virtual makeup application. Meitu is a photo editing app that helps people to retouch their smartphone photos with professional filters, frames, effects and other tools. Meitu has more than 1.1 billion unique device installs and 450 million monthly active users. More than 6 billion photos and videos are generated monthly.

Available on: Android, iOS


Meitu is looking to grow it existing user base out of China and build up an international presence in the US and Southeast Asia. Meitu was also looking to incorporate AR technology as a way to engage and interact with people.

“We are delighted to partner with Facebook to share our latest technology with the world. With the introduction of camera effects on AR studio coupled with Facebook App ads, we have seen our user acquisition globally increase by 60% and users spending 20% more time on our app.” - Wu Xinhong, CEO of Meitu


Facebook Login on Meitu

To provide an easy way for people to login and share their edited photos with friends, Meitu integrated Facebook Login in one of their photo editing apps, BeautyPlus. In doing so, people were able to post their photos to the Facebook timeline easily. Meitu also saw a 20% increase in time spent with people using Facebook Login compared to other sources.

Example of Audience Network ad on Meitu

At the same time, Meitu wanted to find a way to monetize the app while keeping the customer experience friendly and non-disruptive. Meitu turned to Facebook Audience Network to monetize its app. Meitu implemented interstitial and autoplay interstitial ads and experienced a 10x cost per impression uplift. These ads have monetized over 20M impressions with Audience Network daily.

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A before and after filter on Meitu

Meitu also used Facebook Analytics to track App Stickiness between different app install sources. Meitu was able to determine how well the different apps are engaging users and where the high quality users were coming from. Meitu was able to identify variations in culture preferences and tailored their app filters to reflect them, including make up, hairstyle and more. Meitu leveraged this insight to better define beauty standards for various markets and was able to create relevant ads for specific target audiences.

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Meitu AnimeCam Filter

Meitu also used App Events in Facebook Analytics to identify which function and filter was utilized most often. They identified that the “Beautify” function and “AnimeCam” filter was most popular. Based on this information, Meitu then ran a Facebook App Ad campaign to acquire new users. This campaign showcased the “Before & After” effects on pictures after the application of the “Beautify” function or “AnimeCam” filter. Through these Facebook App Ads, Meitu was able to acquire 250 million new users at a lower CPI as compared to other sources.

Meitu leveraged Facebook AR Studio to launch four camera effects - Selfie from the Future, Meitu Family, Instant Glam and Tmall x Meitu Happy 11.11, on Facebook Camera which consisted of both front-facing and rear-facing experiences. These effects have been used more than 1.7 million times.

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Selfie from the Future - Front Camera Demonstration

The Selfie from the Future front-facing camera effect makes use of AR Studio to display a robotic eyeglass on a person's face.

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Meitu Family - Back Camera Demonstration

Meitu Family rear-facing camera includes a game that allows people to tap on floating donuts that appears in everyday environment to reveal hidden Meitu Family characters.

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Tmall x Meitu Happy 11.11 - Front Camera Demonstration

Meitu also partnered with Tmall to launch the Tmall x Meitu Happy 11.11 Camera Effect.

Having seen an 60% increase in installs from ads through Facebook News Feed, Meitu plans to continue to partner Facebook to grow its user base globally.


  • 20%
    higher time spent with people using Facebook Login compared to other sources.
  • 250M
    million new users acquired at a lower CPI from Facebook App Ads
  • 20M
    impressions monetized with Audience Network daily
  • 1.7M
    is the total number of times Meitu Camera Effect has been used on Facebook Camera

Facebook Products Used:

  • Facebook Login: Provided an easy way for people to login and share photos with friends
  • Facebook Analytics: To track app stickiness, identify functions and filters that people are spending most time with
  • Facebook App Ads: To acquire new users through video ads
  • Facebook Audience Network: Monetize app with interstitial ads and autoplay interstitial ads
  • AR Studio: Easily created AR effects on Facebook Camera that helped generate brand awareness