Growing a Powerful Mobile Education and Support Network for Doctors around the Globe

The Story

Developed by a London-based cardiologist, MedShr is a secure platform that allows verified medical professionals to safely discuss cases and share medical images. Clinical case discussion is an essential part of learning and MedShr helps doctors grow by sharing knowledge and skills, improving patient care and ultimately saving lives.

The Goal

What makes MedShr unique is that it has been used by doctors in migrant camps to help those caring for refugees from Syria, Iraq and many other countries around the world. In recognition of its great mission, MedShr was awarded the FbStart Social Good App of the Year award.

As of March 2017 MedShr has welcomed over 200K members to its community and is now growing by over 20K new members a month.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Solution

Getting ahead with FbStart

FbStart provided crucial support with MedShr's early growth and development. The program gave the team access to Facebook mentors, meet-up opportunities with other developers, and free tools and services from a range of Facebook partners.

FbStart partner Hootsuite Pro became an invaluable tool for planning MedShr's social media strategy, monitoring its online presence and engagement, and growing its brand. Other partner tools like App Annie and Mobile Action helped MedShr to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, monitor its App Store rankings and reviews, and benchmark itself against peers. In the near future, MedShr is looking forward to leveraging Twilio, Reverie and Transifex to help plan ahead with confidence when implementing new features such as in-app messaging and language localization.

Facebook ad credits given to FbStart members helped MedShr to rapidly expand its medical network, attracting doctors from 175 countries and growing membership from 10K to 70K in only six months.

MedShr also saw tremendous benefits from being awarded FbStart's Social Good App of the Year in 2016. The recognition helped MedShr grow its brand, boost media coverage and attract even more qualified medics from across the world to join their community. Three months after receiving the award, MedShr's community had more than doubled in size.

Facebook is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. Our association with the Facebook brand, after receiving the FbStart Social Good App of the Year award, as well as the incredible tools and support that come with being a member of the FbStart program, have been amazing for raising our profile and giving our members, investors, and commercial partners confidence in MedShr’s impact.

George Ulmann, Operations Director, MedShr

In safe hands with Facebook Login

Whether they’re based in high-tech hospitals or makeshift refugee camps, it is essential that MedShr medical professionals can trust the service — both in terms of data security and the professional credentials of other users.

Allowing people to register with their Facebook accounts not only helped with the validation process, but also presented newcomers with a familiar, reliable, and trusted brand. The assurance provided by Facebook Login has helped MedShr to maintain an impressive user retention rate of 40-50% month on month.

An ad strategy with surgical accuracy

To grow its community, MedShr needed to reach specific groups of medical professionals. Facebook Mobile App Ads enabled MedShr to target its campaigns for specific regions and medical specialties, giving the team the surgical precision they needed in their marketing campaigns.

MedShr’s most successful campaign to date targeted radiologists, reaching 300K people in 132 countries and generating 7K app installs in just 30 days. MedShr found Facebook Mobile App Ads to be twice as effective as competitor products, and less than half the cost of its closest competitor. In some cases, Facebook marketing was 10–12X cheaper than competitor products.

Video ads have also proved to be highly effective, with one 30-second video generating 244K views, 3K likes, 250 shares and 12K clicks in only six months.

On call for community growth

On target to acquire 100K users by the end of 2016, MedShr is looking to further grow its community and improve engagement with relevant and insightful content. With Facebook’s support, MedShr aims to become the largest clinical case discussion network in the world, helping doctors to improve patient care and ultimately save lives.

The Results


month on month user retention with Facebook Login


app installs in 30 days with Facebook Mobile App Ads


Facebook Mobile App Ads more effective than competitor products


Facebook marketing cheaper than competitor products