Magen David Adom (MDA)

Managing a health crisis with Messenger

Their Story

Public health updates

Informing the public

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel, Magen David Adom (MDA) and the Ministry of Health established a hotline and multiple call centres to disseminate public health information quickly and efficiently. At the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel, MDA received up to 112,000 calls a day and the average call time was 15 minutes.

Their Goal

Speedy responses

Because those staffing the call centres were overwhelmed with the high volume of calls, MDA needed an effective and reliable solution that would provide people with up-to-date information quickly, and chose Messenger as the best way to do this.

Their Solution

On-demand information

To answer questions faster, MDA partnered with Messenger enterprise partner Alcméon to build an automated experience for Messenger. The collective team and partner helped MDA define the scope of the project, and then MDA created a checklist and recommendation flow that could help people determine if they may need a coronavirus test.

Due to the urgent nature of the questions the Israeli emergency medical services needed to answer, it was agreed that an automated experience needed to be launched as quickly as possible and that Alcméon would update the script as new regulations and information emerged. In less than 48 hours, the new experience launched.

To promote this communication channel, MDA ran a campaign advertising the new service and sent a text message containing a link to the Messenger experience for people who called the MDA emergency hotline, giving them the option to use the AI-powered bot instead of waiting in the queue. Additionally, the medical services provider added the Messenger customer chat plugin to its website, a move that significantly increased the volume of messages received.

Their Success

Instant answers

MDA’s automated Messenger experience for Messenger helped answer more than 43,000 questions during the month of April – the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel – and drastically reduced the call volume for live agents.

  • 93% of callers received answers to their questions without manual support. April 2020
  • 4,000 queries in one day at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic

“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges globally, and as information changed quickly it was difficult to ensure the public’s questions were answered as fast as they needed to be. Thanks to Facebook’s help and Alcméon’s generosity in providing its services for free and working quickly, we were able to implement an automated solution less than 48 hours after we contacted them.”

– Sasi Mohadeb - Social Media Manager, Magen David Adom (MDA)

“When we were contacted by Facebook and MDA, we were more than happy to help them create an AI-powered solution for Messenger that would ensure people had the information about coronavirus testing and government regulations that they needed. With the help of Facebook’s best practices, our team was able to build a solution that helped MDA communicate faster and more efficiently.”

– Bertrand Stephann - CEO and Founder, Alcméon

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