Maya Apa

Maya Apa Empowers Women in Bangladesh with Facebook

The Story

Maya Apa is the first personal digital wellbeing assistant in Bangladesh. Ivy Russell created Maya Apa in 2014 with the aim of empowering women in Bangladesh by offering them an anonymous yet safe messaging platform to gain access to specialist advice such as women's health, mental health and legal services in developing countries. People can post their queries, which are routed to a vetted network of experts who will provide credible and timely responses.

Available on:Web, Android, Free Basics (Only available in Blangadesh)

The Goal

With limited internet connectivity in Bangladesh, many people living there are unable to go online for information. As a knowledge sharing platform, Maya Apa wanted to find a way to reach the masses and be a specialist advice repository for all.

It's exciting to see Facebook's continued investment in startups like ours and even more so in developing countries like Bangladesh. New platforms like Free Basics, that helps us reach new users who otherwise wouldn't have access to Maya Apa...

Ivy Russell, Founder of Maya Apa

The Solution

Maya Apa started off by adding their platform to Free Basics in order to reach more users. After launching on Free Basics in May 2015, Maya Apa received 4x more daily queries with 50% of traffic coming from Free Basics. As of 2017, Free Basics accounts for 38% of their queries.

Example of SoloLearn App

Hide functionality on Maya Apa

Maya Apa also used Facebook Analytics to better understand customer behavior. Maya Apa used funnels in Facebook Analytics and identified that there was about a 90% drop off rate as users moved from the question stream into more details on a specific question. Based on this user behaviour identified from Facebook Analytics, Maya Apa reached out to its customers to get more insights and information on why this was occurring. Maya Apa discovered that people were not viewing details in its question stream because it did not contain the relevant specialist advice they were seeking. Based on this insight, Maya Apa introduced the option for people to hide questions. This allowed them to collect data on user preferences in order to customize a person's question stream to show more personalized content.

Learn more about how Maya Apa is impacting the community in Blangadesh with Free Basics.

The Results


increase in site traffic after launching on Free Basics

Facebook Products Used

To better understand customer behavior and provide a more personalized experience

Allow more people to access specialist advice without incurring data charges