Maya Transforms Women’s Health With Facebook Tools

The Story

Maya is a menstrual cycle calendar app developed by India-based Plackal Tech that helps women track their periods or pregnancies, monitor related symptoms, set health reminders and connect with health experts. Currently available in 14 languages, Maya has been downloaded more than seven million times in over 190 different countries.

On a mission to transform women’s health via technology, Maya was launched by John Paul in 2014. At the time a close friend of John's wife experienced an unplanned pregnancy that was further complicated when she was prescribed medication not suitable for pregnant women. The couple noted that this kind of situation could have been prevented if women had better access to options to monitor their health needs. They saw a need to make menstrual health information and tools more easily accessible to women worldwide.

Maya is the 2017 FbStart App of the Year winner from Asia Pacific. With its prize, Maya plans to focus on scaling its reach and localizing the app in order to better equip women with tools to manage their health.

Available on:Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

Maya was looking to scale its business. Internet availability in India is very low, so Maya faced the challenge of reaching people with limited data access to download and install the Maya app.

We see Facebook as a channel to reach out to a larger audience for growth and helping bring communities together.

John Paul, Founder & CEO, Maya

The Solution

Using audience insights and demographics available in Facebook Analytics, Maya identified that early app adopters were first-time smartphone users, females between 18 - 25 years old, in a relationship and living in the tier one cities of India. These women didn't usually track their menstrual cycles, but they had a keen interest in health and wellness.

Maya also used the behavioral reporting in Facebook Analytics to better understand what actions people were taking in the app. Maya learned that nearly 10% of its customers were searching for information to increase their chances of conception. Maya used this insight to address the growing interest in this topic, and is developing a pregnancy tracker that will be launching soon.

Maya also found out that people were drafting questions in its forum but not posting. Maya actively sought out the reason by following up with these people and discovered that they were searching for more one-to-one specialist advice. As a result, Maya decided to invest in new product features focusing on private specialist consultation on its platform.

After better understanding its app users with Facebook Analytics, Maya leveraged Facebook App Ads to expand its customer base. Out of the new customers acquired through various paid channels, 65% of them were reached through Facebook App Ads. Maya's most active customers spend about 10 sessions per month using the app; after running Facebook App Ads, Maya saw a 28% increase in the number of people in this category.

The Results


increase in number of people interacting with the app more than 10 times in a month


of new people reached by paid channels were through Facebook App Ads

Facebook Products Used

To identify its target audience and better understand customer behavior in order to customize relevant content

To expand the customer database and drive app installs

Helped Maya to monetize the app while maintaining a non-disruptive experience for customers