Efficiently collecting and qualifying leads using Messenger

Their Story

Providing peace of mind

Manulife is one of the largest insurance companies in Vietnam, and part of the Manulife Financial Corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It provides customers with insurance, retirement and wealth management solutions to meet their financial needs across all stages of life.

In 2019, Manulife Vietnam was on track to becoming a market leader in providing a customer-first digital experience. By putting innovation and digital transformation at the forefront, the insurance company wanted to make it easy for customers to do business with them.

Their Challenge

Generating more qualified leads

Like most insurance companies, Manulife Vietnam followed a traditional, product-oriented model to drive sales, which involved directing people to sign up on its website. However, if a potential customer did not complete the intake survey on the website, the lead was considered lost.

Other efforts to surface potential customers, such as offline events, often resulted in limited customer information, perhaps only a phone number. Sales agents spent significant time reviewing individual lead data only to discover the information was insufficient for validation.

As part of its recent digital transformation, Manulife Vietnam decided to give many of its traditional lead collection and verification processes a new lease on life. The company saw an opportunity to foster quality leads in a simple and efficient manner using Messenger, a move in line with its mission to simplify and innovate its lead collection and customer engagement process.

With this new approach, Manulife Vietnam intended to quickly generate and qualify leads in a cost-efficient manner, as well as having a better tool for measuring return of their online investments.

Their Solution

Taking fewer steps

Digitalization removed the need for a manual customer identification lead generation process. Working with Haravan, a leading provider of digital solutions in Vietnam and the Philippines, Manulife Vietnam decided to use Messenger to efficiently discover and validate potential customers, connect easily and quickly, and follow up with them if necessary.

By clicking on a Manulife Vietnam Facebook Messenger Ad, people were greeted by the Messenger automated agent and asked to complete a survey. In an instant, their information would be collected, qualified, and provided to the Manulife Vietnam sales team.

If the potential customer did not complete the survey, Manulife could re-engage by generating an automatic notification prompting the individual to complete the process. A live agent could then reach out to answer any questions, provide personalized suggestions, and guide customers through the decision-making process.

Asked about the value of digital automation to generate leads, Victor Cobo Ramirez, Head of Digital Marketing says, “Messenger has transformed boring form-filling requests into a dynamic and natural sequence of short questions. This new experience improved our leads qualification process and enabled and improved a variety of digital journeys. Now users who just want a quick consultation can submit their information in three easy steps. At the same time, those users who have additional questions provide us with golden insights for our distribution, enabling more tailored solutions. As a consequence, Ads that click to Messenger shortly became our most cost-effective Facebook leads generation campaign mode.”

Example of Manulife Vietnam's Messenger

Their Success

Making connections

Moving from traditional means of lead generation to an automated platform has proven to be key in acquiring more customers, while simultaneously reducing costs per lead. Messenger allowed for the collection and verification of leads faster and more efficiently, outperforming Manulife Vietnam’s previous methods such as website forms and events. It also provided a means to re-engage customers with personalized content throughout their buying process.


lead survey completion rate compared to web forms


conversion rate compared to website


less cost per lead as compared to website

“Facebook Messenger has been a game-changer in the way we provide 24/7 customer service and consulting support for potential new customers. Thanks to Messenger, our Facebook users do not only receive instant answers but we also provide an option for them to return to us and restart previous enquiries when needed based on the info stored on their historical chats”

-Marilyn Wang, Manulife Vietnam CMO

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