MangoPlate Helps You Discover New Korean Restaurants Thanks To Facebook Support

The Story

MangoPlate is an online restaurant guide based in South Korea. Initially, founders Joon Oh, Bernard Kim, Danny Ryu, and Michael Roh were collaborating on a spreadsheet to share restaurant recommendations with friends and family. As the list grew exponentially, software engineers Bernard and Danny started coding a basic app in 2013 to contain the information on the cloud for easy accessibility. This idea further developed into MangoPlate, a restaurant discovery platform catering to the Korean food scene.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

In the early stages, MangoPlate added approximately 2,000 new restaurants to their database every two weeks. This was done manually by the MangoPlate team as they had to research before adding each restaurant to their database. They wanted to reduce the time required for this process and also ensure that their existing database was up to date.

The Solution

We were able to add 30K+ popular restaurants within a couple of weeks using Facebook’s Places Graph. If we had to do the same work manually, it would have taken several months.

Danny Ryu, CTO of MangoPlate

MangoPlate integrated Facebook Login so that people could easily create accounts, log into the app, and leave verified reviews for food places they visited. MangoPlate saw a 35% increase in time spent by people who sign in through Facebook Login as they were able to connect with their friends and share about restaurant experiences. People who signed in via Facebook Login also had a 17% higher retention rate compared to other login processes.

MangoPlate also leveraged Places Graph to automate the process of adding new restaurant locations. They were able to add 14X more restaurants to its database upon implementation, resulting in 30,000 new restaurants being added to the database within two weeks.

The Results


more restaurants were added to its database within two weeks using Places Graph


increase in time spent by people who sign in through Facebook Login

Facebook Products Used

To ensure a community of verified users and provide a simple registration experience

Retrieve place-related details and maintain an updated restaurant database