Luan Santana

Rethinking fan interactions with Messenger

The Story

Luan Santana, the Brazilian singer and composer, was looking for an innovative channel to communicate with his fan-base and drive engagement around his content. At the same time, based on his fans' behavior on his Facebook Page, his team knew that many of his fans were trying to reach out to Luan Santana to get the latest information on tour dates and single launches. Thus, his team chose to create a bot for Messenger to interact with teen and young adult fans on a platform they already use regularly. The Luan Santana bot for Messenger is a fun way for people to learn more about the artist, his upcoming concerts and singles.

At launch, the bot was designed as a solution to bring Luan Santana closer to his fans and streamline customer service around those frequently asked questions. From the beginning, the bot has had significant traction and engagement. It ranks at the top in the "Artists, Music bands, Personalities and Celebs" bot category. Retention rates for people using the bot significantly outweigh the standard top performing app retention rates, with the average retention rate after 5 months being 30%.

The Goal

Building on the excitement from the fans, the team looked for other innovative ways to expand the bot features and retain people. Upon the launch of Luan Santana's clothing collection, the team broadcasted a message containing a 10% discount coupon to the bot fan-base.On the first day alone, the clothing site saw a 300% lift in traffic, out of which 97% were new visitors that arrived through the bot. Moreover, the coupon redemption rates through via the bot were 2.7% higher than those of the email campaigns.

The Solution

Luan Santana was able to use the bot for Messenger as a channel through which he interact with his fans, build on their engagement and translate to behavior, such as successfully redirecting 46K fans to watch his videos in a period of 44 months. The team hopes to continue leveraging the platform to strengthen the artist's interactions with his fans and continue to build on the passion. Among the latest updates to the bot is a trivia game quizzing fans on their knowledge of the artist. The game includes the option for fans to challenge each other.

“We've used the tool for a year now and the results are crystal clear. We can see the impact of the bot for Messenger when we look at product and ticket sales, new project releases and fan engagement. We are always looking for innovative ways to build our relationship with new fans and the bot has served as a great channel for this.”

Juliana Thomé, Digital Marketing, Luan Santana’s team

The Results


average retention rate after 6 months


higher lift in ticket purchases than email campaigns


lift in website access on action day

The Products