Lifesum grows a healthy global business

The Story

Centered by its mobile wearable app, Lifesum combines technology and psychology to help people achieve their everyday health goals. Starting off as a student project in the Nordics, it was one of the 40 apps that launched with the Apple Watch and it now has 14 million members in more than 100 global markets. The company raised $6.7 million and is growing fast with 42 employees with 12 different nationalities.

Available on: iOS, Android

Leveraging the Power of Community

Becoming an FbStart member, Lifesum from the beginning leveraged its partnership with Facebook as a key driver behind the remarkable growth of its business. FbStart, a program that provides startups with an exclusive community, worldwide events, mentorship from Facebook, and free tools and services, proved vital to Lifesum's global growth.

The Goal

Our goal is to become the world’s top health app. FbStart allows startups like us to obtain easier access to a global audience, no matter where we are. As an FbStart member we are shaping the future of the product by connecting with and accessing knowledge from Facebook experts.

Marcus Gners, COO, Lifesum

The Solution

Effortless Sign-up Experience to Improve Conversions

Focusing much of its effort on acquiring new customers, the company needed an easy on-boarding process with a quick and easy sign-up solution. Facebook Login let them do exactly that; it immediately made it easier for people to log in without an account, seamlessly moving them into the signup flow. Today almost **40% of the consumers logging into the app use Facebook** as their preferred solution. Not only are they easily on-boarded to the app experience, but Facebook logged in users also have 20% higher retention rate compared to those who are not connected with Facebook.

Global Growth through Focused Marketing

Facebook rapidly proved to be a key customer acquisition channel for Lifesum. Targeting new customers based on interest (i.e. health and fitness, weight loss, building muscle), and creating lookalike audiences (finding new customers similar to its most active paying users), Lifesum’s team acquired new customers through Facebook Mobile App Install Ads. The channel performed 2X better in terms of conversion to paying than any other network and gave the app the boost it needed to continue to grow organically.

After seeing great success with Facebook-fueled marketing in large European markets, Lifesum most recently used the platform as a part of its launch in the US. Positive product market fit and amplified growth through Facebook Mobile App Install Ads and Instagram Ads, resulted in 5X growth in just five months, increasing Lifesum's user base from around 200,000 to over 1 million in the US.

Globally, Lifesum has grown from about 6 million members in 2014 to more than 12 million in 2015.

The Results


higher retention rate of Facebook logged in users compared to average users not connected to Facebook


better conversion to pay rates of users acquired by Facebook Mobile App Ads than other networks


growth in the US with the help of Facebook and Instagram