Lazada Thailand

Engaging content to attract and retain customers

Their Story

Online shopping made easy

Lazada Thailand is an ecommerce company operating across Southeast Asia, offering a variety of product categories, including fashion, lifestyle, electronics and grocery brands. In 2016, the Alibaba Group picked up a controlling stake in Lazada, with the objective of tapping into the region’s high growth potential.

Despite being a leading ecommerce player in Southeast Asia, Lazada is always looking for new ways to reach and engage audiences.

The Goal

Keep shoppers coming back for more

In Southeast Asia’s competitive ecommerce landscape, businesses need to constantly innovate and refine their strategies. Lazada Thailand was looking for new and cost effective ways to engage customers, gain insights into their behaviour, and retain them as customers.

The Solution

A rewarding relationship

In the ecommerce business, price is key to winning customers and keeping them loyal. As a result, Lazada Thailand tasked digital strategy agency GoSky AI, specializing in automated experiences, to build a social ecommerce loyalty program tailored to the Messenger platform. The Social Membership and Rewards System (SMRS) solution incorporated features to increase social commerce activities, generate customer insights, and drive sales. With each action in the loyalty program, members acquire points that can be exchanged for shopping coupons and applied at purchase. Fash Chang, Co-Founder and CEO of GoSky AI said, “with Messenger powering the Social Membership and Reward System (SMRS), we were able to build a new interactive system benefitting both users and Lazada. By offering incentives, shoppers can enjoy a novel user experience, choosing to watch Livestream and shop online and staying active in the Lazada community.”

Users could easily sign up for Lazada Thailand’s Messenger-powered loyalty program via an email linked to their Lazada account. To access the platform, users simply add Lazada Messenger to their mobile home screen, without having to download the app. Because the loyalty program is powered by Messenger, customers can also connect and interact with each other and the brand. As members, they receive sponsored messages with updates on the latest products, sales, and deals, participate in live streams of sales, share their favourite items, and take part in surveys amongst other things. Combining an easy entry point and social interaction, 67% of the new users on Messenger were engaging in these social activities.

User interactions, such as interest in product categories, social media shares, and purchases, provided Lazada Thailand with enough real-time information to deliver tailored content and customer care. The loyalty program’s platform also supported livestreams, which Lazada considers key to its customer retention efforts.

To gain a deeper understanding of its customers transactional behavior, Lazada Thailand would link loyalty accounts to customer accounts on the website to compare purchases in Messenger versus its platform. Armed with a 360-degree overview of the customer, the ecommerce company refined its retargeting and product strategies for flagship campaigns.

Example of Lazada Thailand's Messenger

Their Success

Greater brand engagement

Lazada Thailand’s loyalty program earned the ecommerce company greater consumer interest, engagement, and sales. By creating a more personalized, yet social, experience, customers are staying engaged with the brand, earning points, and redeeming them to make more purchases. After just one month, Lazada saw a 160% increase in sales from the Messenger-powered loyalty program and, in the last year, 96% of the users have remained active with Lazada on a weekly basis using the Messenger experience.


Loyalty members remain active on Messenger on a weekly basis


Sales increase attributed to Messenger-powered loyalty program


Livestream views coming from the Messenger platform

“Our Messenger-run membership and rewards system differs vastly from previous, more traditional methods of generating consumer insights. In the Messenger experience, we can analyze what products members click on and share. According to member preferences, we can now quickly provide personalized product recommendations and live content for people to enjoy, driving more traffic from Facebook to Lazada and LazLive. Customers now feel more inclined to shop via our platform.”

-Emily Liu, Senior Vice President of Lazada Thailand New Business

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