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Mobile packages for everyone

Based in Germany, telco operator Klarmobil GmbH (part of freenet AG) specialises in the no-frills market by offering customers a complete telco package that is simple to understand and is considered a great value-for-money option.


more handled conversations by agents - 2018


increase in first contact resolution - 2020


decrease in resolution time - 2019


increase in users using Messenger [*]


Fast, convenient customer service

The telco found that many customers seeking support had similar requests, and that most were easy to resolve. To help increase the operational efficiency of its live customer support team, Klarmobil wanted to provide customers with an automated channel that was available 24/7 so they could address their concerns and resolve them quickly, at any time.


Automated Messenger solutions across channels

In August 2017, Klarmobil built an automated experience for Messenger with the help of digital agency Space & Lemon. After six weeks of development, the telco soft-launched its Messenger-powered digital assistant on a separate Facebook page to gain experience using it. They also used the soft launch as a time to fine-tune the customer experience by integrating native tools such as quick replies, cards and webviews so that customers could find answers to frequently asked questions and manage subscription plans.

After testing its Messenger experience for several months, Klarmobil partnered with Khoros to build a handover protocol into the digital assistant that allowed more complex queries to be transferred to a customer service agent seamlessly. A year after the Messenger soft launch, Klarmobil integrated Messenger into its website using the Chat Plugin, which included a double opt-in feature to comply with GDPR user consent requirements, and then launched the Messenger-powered customer service channel on its main Facebook page in April 2019.

In October 2020, Klarmobil introduced a guest mode to its Chat Plugin, which allowed people who were not logged in to a Facebook account to use Messenger and resulted in an increased number of people using Messenger on the telco’s website.


More satisfied customers

By introducing an automated experience for Messenger and the Chat Plugin to its website, Klarmobil helped customers answer their questions quickly and efficiently and earned the following results:

  • 59% more handled conversations by agents - 2018
  • 35% increase in first contact resolution - 2020
  • 19% decrease in resolution time - 2019
  • 5.5X increase in users using Messenger after guest mode integration with the Chat Plugin (comparing October 2020 to September 2020) [*]

* comparing October 2020 to September 2020

“By combining the Messenger with a chatbot we were not only able to increase customer satisfaction by providing a 24/7 available customer service channel with extremely fast answers for our customers, but also to shift customers' inquiries from non-digital to digital channels. Together with the automation of more than a quarter of the inquiries coming in through the Messenger this leads to an increasing operational productivity.”

Nicole Fölster
Product Owner Chatbot&Voice, freenet AG


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