Kingsoft's WPS Office Increases In-App Mobile Revenue With Facebook

WPS Office, established in 1988, is an all-in-one office productivity suite for desktop and mobile devices that is developed by Kingsoft Office, China's leading Internet services and software company. WPS Office allows businesses and consumers to easily create, view, edit and share office documents cross-platform at anytime and anywhere. It currently has more than 200 million monthly active users on all devices across more than 200 countries and regions.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, WPS Office for Linux


WPS Office wanted to create a convenient way for premium users to log in across devices to access and manage their office documents be it on desktop or on the go.

As a free app with over 60 millions monthly active users on mobile in China, WPS was searching for a way to monetize the app while keeping a positive and non-disruptive experience for their users.

“With Audience Network, we saw a 122% increase for our in-app mobile revenue. We easily implemented this within 30 days and we could see the results within 4 weeks.”

Dong Wang

VP of Mobile & Cloud Product Division at Kingsoft


Example of SoloLearn App

Facebook Login on WPS Office

WPS Office incorporated Facebook Login so that people can easily log in across platforms to edit and work on existing documents.

WPS Office turned to Facebook Audience Network to monetize its app. WPS Office implemented native ads and made use of different optimization strategies like CPM, delivering them to relevant users. This has generated almost 70% of WPS Office's in-app revenue. WPS Office experienced a 122% increase for the in-app mobile revenue within 30 days of implementation.



of in-app mobile revenue from Facebook Audience Network


increase for in-app mobile revenue within 30 days of implementation of Audience Network

Facebook Products Used

Provided a convenient and reliable way for people to access and manage their documents across different platforms

Helped WPS Office to monetize the app contributing to its overall revenue