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Marketing API

The Story

JUNIQE, the art-focused lifestyle brand, used the Marketing API to automatically and remotely optimize its campaigns, improving the way its team manages the complex network of ad rules and enabling it to launch more than 16,000 ads in nearly 90% less time.

Making Art Accessible to the Masses

JUNIQE went live in 2014 with the intention of revolutionizing the European affordable art market by making art accessible to the masses. The team curates exciting designs by authentic artists and inspires people to make art present in their everyday lives.

The Goal

Tailoring Ad Sets with Ease

JUNIQE once relied on a series of automated ad rules to manage and tailor campaigns, but as it grew, so did the number and complexity of these rules. The team needed a more sophisticated way to guide and evaluate ad sets, while still delivering beautiful, high-quality ads.

Facebook is our most important online marketing channel. With their help, we are now able to continue expanding to and growing in new markets using more controlled methods of optimization.

Ð Sebastian Hasebrink, Co-Founder, JUNIQE

"We are saving a substantial amount of time and money with this Marketing API. It provides a safety net for experimenting with new campaigns and provides ongoing support for the entire team. Creating and monitoring campaigns has never been easier." Ð Emma Gábos, Head of Display Marketing and Cooperations, JUNIQE

The Solution

Automated Campaign Creation

JUNIQE once relied on a third-party marketing partner to oversee the large collection of automated ad rules through which it ran its Facebook ad campaigns. These rules automated everything from ad creation and the types of imagery used, to the different audiences targeted with each ad. But as the company grew, these rules became unmanageable.

To better manage its campaigns, the ecommerce brand worked with Facebook’s Solutions Engineering to implement three automated processes, or scripts: an automated campaign creation process built with Facebook’s Marketing API, an image creation script that uses dynamic templates to automatically create 90% of JUNIQE’s wall art ads, and an optimization tool that quickly pauses poorly performing ads.

JUNIQE now optimizes its campaigns directly through Facebook’s Marketing API. With the use of these scripts, the brand automatically pulls daily benchmark data and hourly campaign insights. This information is automatically evaluated by the API-enabled program, which records the necessary changes and updates the respective ad set remotely to optimize its performance. The API also enables the JUNIQE team to review major campaign changes before the updated ad set goes live.

What’s more, the brand uses the API to avoid generalized ad rules, like click-through rate, and create more sophisticated rules that evaluate ad sets based on specific audience performance.

Tailored Ads Lead to Resource Efficiency

JUNIQE can benefit from increased efficiency and tailored ad sets, thanks to the Marketing API solution it implemented with help from Facebook’s Solutions Engineering team. Since launching the API, JUNIQE has achieved:

  • 16,000 ads launched or paused over a 4-month period
  • 90% of wall art ads created dynamically
  • 89% decrease in time required for campaign creation
  • 5% increase in budget efficiency
  • Gained independence from a third-party marketing partner

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The Results


ads launched or paused over a 4-month period


decrease in time required for campaign creation


improvement in budget efficiency

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