Auto Rickshaws On The Go With Facebook Platform Products

The Story

Founded by Samar Singla in November 2012, Jugnoo, India’s largest auto rickshaw aggregator platform, is innovating the way people commute in India. Jugnoo was started with a vision to create a more efficient way of utilizing available auto rickshaws, providing customers across India a convenient and affordable way of hailing an auto rickshaw with a single tap. It expanded into hyperlocal services, creating an alternate platform for auto rickshaw drivers to deliver goods and meals alongside the provision of rides.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, Web

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The Goal

On top of creating a seamless auto rickshaw travel experience for its customers, Jugnoo wanted to provide customers a better booking experience with the option of hailing a ride through a smartphone without the need to download the app. With over 12,000 drivers enrolled on their platform, Jugnoo aims to achieve their vision of helping 5 million auto rickshaws in India earn a quality livelihood through the facilitation of bookings and transactions through their platform.

Jugnoo’s goal is to be every Indian’s go to business provider when they require an auto rickshaw or any hyperlocal service in the coming time. Jugnoo plans to expand their reach into more cities where auto rickshaws are higher in number.

With Facebook Analytics, we were able to better understand our target audience demographics and run targeted Facebook ads to acquire more users as we scaled. Through Facebook we didn’t just acquire customers, we spread our operations beyond Chandigarh to approximately 42 cities. Facebook gave us insights into the demography which was most active. We used this finding to help us target similar demographics in other cities at the time of operational expansions.

Samar Singla, CEO of Jugnoo

The Solution

With over 30 million auto rides taking place daily across India, Jugnoo looked to grow its daily number of rides every month through the acquisition of new users and continuous engagement with existing ones. Jugnoo leveraged on Facebook App Ads to target new users and grow its user base. With a click through rate of 28%, 78% of people who downloaded the application via Facebook App Ads, signed up on the same day as app installation. This sign up to download ratio was 2X higher compared to other sources.

Sample of ad ran by Jugnoo

Jugnoo used Facebook Analytics to better understand their customers' demographics. In June 2016, Jugnoo ran a referral campaign to get inactive customers back on the platform. Making use of data from previous referral campaigns, they identified that 90% of users who referred others were within the age bracket of 18 - 34. 65% of these group were students who referred people on Android. With that in mind, Jugnoo executed a targeted Mobile App Ads campaign specifically narrowing down the user profile, education and device used. It saw more than 78,000 of inactive users logging into the app. They were also able to decrease the cost of each successful referral by 40%, acquiring 28% more new customers as compared to previous referral campaigns.

To complement the Jugnoo app and provide consumers the option of booking a ride without downloading the app, Jugnoo created a bot on the Messenger Platform. The bot could detect a customer's pickup location, calculate the fares, provide an estimated time of arrival and track the journey in real time. With the implementation of the bot in January 2017, almost 3000 additional ride transactions took place on the Facebook Messenger Bot within 6 months. 70% people hailing a ride through Messenger were first-time users.

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Demonstration of Jugnoo Messenger bot

The Results


download to sign up ratio (2X versus other sources) for customers acquired through Facebook App Ads


click through rate for Facebook App Ads

Facebook Products Used

To provide consumers the option of booking a ride without downloading the app

Identified target audience and used insights to target them more accurately resulting in more efficient spent on ad budget

Leveraged Facebook App Ads to target lookalike audience as Jugnoo expanded their operations into more cities