Josprima Sihombing

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Josprima's Story

Although Josprima Sihombing had always dreamed of being a software developer, he began his career as a graphic designer. Inspired by the success of local startups in Jakarta, he wished there were more opportunities to learn the skills required to become a software developer in his hometown of Medan. So when Josprima found the Facebook Developer Circles Medan community from an event organised by Developer Circle leaders, he immediately joined and began taking part in the program’s Javascript training course initiative.

The Goal

Making a career change

To become a software developer, Josprima needed a program that would help him learn the necessary skills to become an innovator. In addition, he wanted to familiarize himself with Facebook developer tools such as React and React Native - an Open Source JavaScript library for building mobile applications - so that he could boost his career opportunities and create a community for software developers in his hometown.

The Solution

Learning and upskilling

When Josprima learnt that Facebook was providing Javascript training for developers in Indonesia, he knew it would be the perfect program to position himself as a forward-thinking innovator.

After completing the month-long course, Josprima saw huge improvements in his skills and created his own GitHub profile to showcase his talent to potential employers. Because of his progress and performance during the Javascript program, Josprima was selected to participate in the next phase of training: a 12-week bootcamp that included a three-day trip to Jakarta.

The Outcomes

Making his dream a reality

With his new skills and knowledge, Josprima secured a job as a front-end software engineer at Cermati, a fintech startup in Jakarta. He was able to not only pursue his dream job, but achieve his goal and accept a role that came with a significant increase in salary.

“Facebook Developer Circles helped me connect with other developers in the community and provided me with the right education to open up an entirely new career opportunity. Today, thanks to the training and mentorship opportunities I received during my time in Developer Circles, I’ve landed a role at Cermati as a front-end software engineer with a 10X increment in salary than my previous role and am living my dream! I’m also regularly applying my deep knowledge of React and its JavaScript library to think big when it comes to innovation.”

- Josprima Sihombing

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