Faster, more secure login is just the ticket for Ingresse

The Story

Everyone loves going to great live events, but no one enjoys waiting in long lines at the box office – especially if you’re left waiting and the show is sold out. This is a particularly painful problem in Brazil, where 80% of tickets are still bought offline in person. Ingresse is a disruptive, people-first ticketing platform seeking to change this for the US $16bn events market in Brazil. Ingresse’s platform offers a faster and more convenient way to buy tickets, connecting people to exciting events and empowering promoters to reach the right audience.

Available on:iOS, Android

The Goal

A more seamless and secure login

Many people purchase tickets on-the-go, and often moments before the event, so Ingresse needs to help people sign in quickly, while minimizing fraudulent ticketing activity on the platform. By implementing Facebook Login and putting it front-and-center in their onboarding flow, Ingresse is able to provide seamless registration; people who login with Facebook show an 80% higher repurchase rate compared to people that log in via e-mail.

Ingresse also implemented Account Kit, enabling its customers to easily verify their identity with their mobile phone number, providing a more trusted and secure ticket-buying experience for people using their app. After implementing Account Kit, Ingresse saw a 55% reduction in ticket fraud, without a decrease in conversion rates.

The Solution

Jumpstarting growth with FbStart

The FbStart program was designed to help early-stage startups build and grow their apps. As a member of FbStart, Ingresse accelerated its growth by gaining access to Facebook product experts, getting advice on everything from app reviews, to technical challenges and product integration. This support proved critical as Ingresse scaled its business.

Joining FbStart also gave Ingresse free access to a broad suite of powerful tools, including a year’s subscription to Github to assist with software development. And thanks to the free Facebook ad credits provided by FbStart, Ingresse was able to boost its marketing reach during the app’s crucial early development.

Ads that find the fans

Ingresse has a mission to connect its customers to the very best in live events – and that means reaching the right people in a personalized way. Facebook’s mobile ads have played a pivotal role in introducing new people to the Ingresse app, driving downloads and increasing sales. Facebook’s people-based targeting allows the marketing team to direct relevant content to the ideal audience, delivering better ROI than any other advertising platform, with a more effective reach for the same spend. On average, Facebook ads deliver 10X the impressions of those on other platforms at the same cost.

A smarter future for live events

With an established presence in Brazil, Ingresse is now looking towards growth, while continuing to transform the ticketing experience for both attendees and promoters. In addition to expanding into new markets and territories, the company aims to become a major source of intelligence for the live events sector. With Facebook’s continued support, Ingresse will provide valuable, data-driven insights for event producers, and become even more effective at introducing event goers to unforgettable live experiences.

The Results


higher ticket re-purchase rate from customers connected with Facebook Login


reduction in ticket fraud after integrating Account Kit


more impressions achieved with Facebook ads than other ads

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