Enabling users beautify their homes

The Story

Houzify is India's leading mobile platform for home design and interiors. They enable people to discover relevant design ideas, professionals and products in a visually engaging manner. Users can browse more than 25,000 curated designs crowd-sourced from over 700 designers and homeowners across 30 cities in India. Houzify implemented Facebook Login to deliver fast and secure authentication for its users. It also leveraged Facebook Analytics for Apps to understand how people used the app and optimize their experience. Houzify also used Facebook Mobile App Ads extensively for customer acquisition and re-engagement.

Available on: iOS, Android

As our primary acquisition channel, Facebook has helped us build and retain a very highly engaged audience at the lowest possible cost. We're very happy with how easy it is to use.

Siddhant Shetty, Product Management Lead, Houzify

The Goal

As part of the FbStart program, Houzify leveraged Facebook products and external partner benefits extensively to build its app and grow its business.

Houzify integrated Facebook Login to provide customers with an easy way to log in without creating a new username and password; currently 55% of people log into the app this way. Facebook Login also delivered 30% higher sign-up rates over other sign-on mechanisms.

Houzify used Facebook Analytics for Apps extensively to monitor and measure both acquisition and engagement. They created various user segments based on specific actions like creating image collections, number of sessions, and assessed retention rates across these segments. Through this, they were able to find their most engaged users and then used Lookalike Audiences to target and acquire similar customers.

Houzify also leveraged Facebook Analytics for Apps as its core analytics tool to measure customer behavior within its iOS app. They tracked features and events rolled out on iOS and how people were interacting with them to prioritize design decisions for their Android app. They were then able to include changes to their menu button designs and order, and re-design certain functionalities based on consumer drop-off patterns.

The Solution

Houzify continuously optimized its ad campaigns using Lookalike audiences and saw a 24% reduction in their CPIs using insights from Facebook Analytics for Apps. Facebook Mobile App Ads is the primary user acquisition channel for Houzify, with 85% lower cost of acquisition compared to other channels.

The Results


of people sign-in using Facebook Login


lower cost of acquisition with Mobile App Ads compared to other channels


higher retention rate for users using Facebook Login

Facebook Products Used

simplified log in process and garnered higher user sign-up rates.

discovered insights into people's behaviors using the app.

improved CPI and used Lookalike Audiences to gain new customers.