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Heavy on stats

Hevy is an app that helps people build and maintain gym routines by tracking workout and weightlifting progress with their friends. The app combines intuitive workout logging and insightful analytics with innovative social community features.


increase in social media shares in eight weeks


of the content is shared through Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories


increase in global app virality


increase in global installs


increase in sharing during the week of Hevy’s Year in Review campaign


A lift in awareness

The Hevy team wanted to boost its organic reach and drive both awareness and downloads of the app. It aimed to encourage its users to share their workouts and progress with their friends and family via Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.


Enabling shareable fitness content

Hevy turned to Facebook for guidance on how best to build sharing features features into its app, and ultimately joined Facebook’s Sharing to Stories program, which allowed the team to explore and fast-track the integration of the Sharing to Stories feature for both Facebook and Instagram. Hevy’s in-house developer team then integrated the feature using best practices from Facebook. It was integrated in just two weeks, and Hevy applied tips for creating engaging and relevant content to help maximise its launch.

The Hevy team tested different types of shareable content including workout stats, photos, and fitness achievements to learn what works best for its users and audience, and then applied the insights. In addition, Hevy included a call to action that encouraged people to share their workout and tag the app on social channels. This helped the fitness app engage with and reshare its users’ Stories on its own social platforms, leading to increased organic exposure for the app.

At the end of 2021, Hevy launched its Year in Review campaign, which showed users their personal exercise highlights, including the number of completed workouts, the total weight lifted, and biggest supporters, among other insights, when they accessed the annual wrap-up via the Hevy app. From there, people could share their highlights to Facebook or Instagram using the Sharing to Stories feature.


Pumped up awareness and installs

After implementing and launching Sharing to Stories, Hevy saw increased engagement, higher long-term user retention, and a boost in app installs. Between March and May 2021, Hevy achieved the following results:

  • 42% increase in social media shares in eight weeks after Sharing to Stories integration*
  • 31% of the content users share from the Hevy app is shared through Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories*
  • 25% increase in global app virality*
  • 12% increase in global installs after Share to Stories integration*
  • 59% increase in sharing during the week of the Hevy’s Year in Review campaign **

*results between March and May 2021
**results between 14-21 December, 2021

*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

“Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories have been instrumental to Hevy’s viral growth, increasing our social media shares by 42% in eight weeks.”

Guillem Ros
CEO at Hevy


Sharing to Stories

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