GoGaga Grows with Facebook Startup Programs and Facebook Login

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Their Story

Trustworthy dating app

Dating app GoGaga was founded in 2018 by siblings Neha Kanodia and Meet Kanodia as a way to bridge the gap between traditional, arranged marriages and distance-based casual dating apps in India by using human referrals to establish trust.

In 2018, the business was part of FbStart and was selected for the FbStart Pilot Incubation in 2019. After participating in two successful Facebook Startup programs, the brother-sister team applied to be part of Startup Circles to continue receiving valuable guidance on building and scaling GoGaga.

Their Goal

Maintaining a relationship with users

The GoGaga team wanted to encourage its users to complete their profile and find a way to boost user retention. Additionally, they wanted to learn more about how Facebook Analytics could help the team to improve the user experience.

With messaging becoming increasingly popular, the contact center was forced to hire more staff, which increased costs. As a leading innovative technology company, Samsung needed to reinvent some of its contact center processes and was able to use Messenger to help.

Their Solution

Implementing Startup Circle know-how

To increase its user retention rate, the GoGaga team leveraged the knowledge they gained from the Startup Circles community and integrated Facebook Login into the app to make signing in to the app quick and simple. By adding Facebook Login, GoGaga reduced the time of registering for an account and setting up a profile from minutes to a few seconds. Further, users who choose Facebook Login and grant data permissions allow the GoGaga team to access the user's friends, age, gender and profile photo, which helps it provide more suitable matches.

In addition to learning about Facebook Login during the Startup Circles program, the GoGaga team also realised how simple it is to integrate other Facebook products into its app, and added Instagram to help users share their pictures with ease. The GoGaga team also used Facebook Analytics to analyse user behaviour, derive insights and make actionable changes that helped them decrease the drop-off rate it had been experiencing.

The integrations and analytics worked together to help GoGaga improve its user onboarding time as well as the user experience.

Their Success

Making a great first impression

By using the knowledge it gained from Facebook Startup programs to integrate Facebook Login, Instagram and Facebook Analytics into its app, GoGaga found that people were able to complete their basic profile easily and begin using the app quickly, which led to the following results over three months:


increase in completed profiles (from 62% to 78%)


increase in user retention


month-on-month growth

“Facebook has been a pioneer in supporting the growth of young startups. We were active participants of Facebook Startup programs for three consecutive years, and the support and guidance we’ve received from the Facebook team have helped us understand the basic problems startups go through in their journey and how to mitigate them. Startup culture is all about collaboration and working together, and I appreciate the initiatives taken by Facebook to nurture the ecosystem. Having derived value from the programs, I’ve gone on to become a community ambassador of SheLeadsTech to support and motivate other women entrepreneurs looking to start their own ventures.”

– Neha Kanodia, Co-founder, GoGaga

“We were quite excited to be part of the Startup Circles program in March 2020 and looked forward to interacting with the community. The online sessions we were part of and the mentorship we received from the Facebook program was very helpful in understanding various products and getting to know interesting features that are helping GoGaga grow faster.”

– Meet Kanodia, Co-founder, GoGaga