Encouraging more registrations with Facebook Login

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Their Story

Classic games, online

Founded in 1998 and based in the Netherlands, GamePoint is a casual gaming company that creates online, multiplayer versions of classic games. Their top games are GamePoint Bingo, RoyalDice, CardParty and other board, card and casino games – and they’re continuously developing new games and products for young and old alike. Due to the unique social features, users play an average of 120 minutes per day. The company’s vibrant teams entertain a global audience largely made up of women who are 40+ - which skews older than a traditional gaming audience.

GamePoint is committed to fostering a global community of close-knit players, and has been using Facebook Login and Facebook Analytics for many years to gain insights that have helped the gaming company shape its business, optimise its games for its audience and find more ways to bring people together.

Their Goal

Boosting registrations

During the outbreak of COVID-19, GamePoint saw a significant rise in users playing their games and wanted to encourage them to register for an account rather than playing as a guest.

Their Solution

Simplifying registration

To increase registrations, GamePoint updated its start screen interface for all games so that the Facebook Login button was the most prominent option for logging in or registering.

Additionally, the company launched a multichannel campaign that likened the experience of playing its online games with others to that of playing with people in real life. The television commercials and online video ads signalled that people could register with Facebook Login to access full game functionality, earn rewards and interact with other players. These are all features GamePoint implemented within its games to align with the Facebook Login best practices for optimising the conversion rate by minimising the choices offered, offering customers a bonus for registering and improving the logged-in experience through social features.

Their Success

More registered players

By changing its start screen to encourage people to register with Facebook Login, GamePoint sees 80% of players on mobile register frictionlessly via Facebook Login, as well as the following results:

  • 4.5x retention rate by Day 7 with Facebook Login (vs. Guest Mode and based on data from March & April 2020)
  • 11% increase in player registration in March 2020
  • 19% uplift in revenue in April 2020

“Facebook Login is a vital element in our onboarding process of new users. Due to its easy and frictionless usability it is an absolute must have to welcome new players in our games. We are constantly optimising our registration screens in order to make them as best converting as possible..”

— Yoeri van der Laan, Business Development Manager, GamePoint

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