Fynd: Helping People Effortlessly Discover Fashion with Facebook tools

The Story

Fynd: Helping People Effortlessly Discover Fashion

Fynd is an Indian app for hyper-local fashion discovery and purchase. People can easily find products from over 200 top brands at nearby malls and stores across India and get them delivered quickly, sometimes within only two hours of the purchase. This unique business model has allowed them to scale into new geographies quickly, and Fynd now has over a million users on its platform. Fynd implemented Account Kit for customer account creation using phone numbers. It also leveraged Facebook Analytics for Apps to understand its audience better and Facebook App Ads to obtain new customers.

Available on: Android, iOS, Web

“Account Kit is a great solution for any app developer looking to build mobile phone number-based authentication. Facebook’s fast SMS delivery and seamless one-time password (OTP) ensures our customers get a flawless login experience. Account Kit’s global reach allows us to serve customers worldwide; using it has significantly increased our number of sign-ups and improved successful sign-ups by over 25%.” - Farooq Adam, Co-founder, Fynd

The Goal

Fynd is a gated platform and requires user authentication before using the app. The authentication is linked to the customer’s mobile number that is verified by sending an OTP via SMS. Due to throttling and delivery issues on most Indian SMS gateways, Fynd faced significant SMS drop rates, sometimes as high as 50%. This was a major blocker for on-boarding customers. Fynd integrated **Account Kit** and leveraged Facebook’s reliabile infrastructure to provide a better login experience. With Account Kit, the SMS drop rate decreased to 5% and Fynd saw a 25% improvement of successful sign-ups within two weeks of integration.

Fynd also saw high interest from overseas customers. The major obstacle for Fynd to expand to new markets was its gated login mechanism that required OTP functionality. Account Kit became its go-to solution for this problem, allowing the company to launch the app outside India without requiring integration with multiple SMS partners.

We recommend any app catering to a global audience or having gated login flow to integrate Account Kit from the very beginning so that they can improve their core onboarding experience without having to worry about scaling/maintaining their OTP infrastructure.

Ronak Modi, Product Manager, Fynd

The Solution

Through Facebook App Ads, Fynd saw a 20% higher customer retention rate and a 14% higher purchase conversion rate compared to other acquisition channels. It achieved this by continuously optimizing its campaigns based on Facebook Analytics for Apps insights and by using Lookalike audiences and interest based targeting.

Fynd leveraged Facebook Analytics for Apps to measure important customer behaviors. Next, the Fynd marketing team used data from Analytics for Apps to identify their highest value customers based on retention and purchase conversion metrics. They used these audience cohorts as seeds to build Lookalike audiences for their flagship Grand Brand Sale campaign and decreased their cost per install by 90% compared to previous campaigns.

The Results


increase in successful sign-ups with Account Kit phone number login


decrease in CPI using insights from Facebook Analytics for Apps


higher retention rate for customer acquired through Facebook App Ads

Facebook Products Used

Helped Fynd improve succesful sign-ups and scale internationally

Discovered insights into people's behavior using the app

Improved CPI and gained higher user retention and purchase conversion