First Smile

First Smile Makes Connecting with Parents Child’s Play

The Story

The first moments in a child’s life are priceless for any new parent, and digital technologies are making it easier than ever to capture, collate, and share these memories. This is how the digital scrapbook First Smile was born. With the goal to help parents safely preserve thousands of photos and videos of their children in chronological order, the app helps parents to share photos privately with close friends and family so they can stay up-to-date with the child’s developments, even if they are far apart.

Since its three Malaysian founders, all busy fathers themselves, launched the app in August 2015, the digital scrapbook has become a home to an active, ever-growing community with over three million memories uploaded by people to date.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web

Facebook is the most effective platform to drive First Smile forward, and has helped us from product optimization to marketing. With Facebook, we have successfully expanded our reach around the world, as 90% of First Smile users now come from United States even though we are a Malaysian-based start-up.

Sean Lee, Chief Cheerleader of First Smile

The Goal

Sharing memories is a breeze with Facebook Login

First Smile was looking to engage with new parents and reduce sign-up friction by offering them an effortless way to join, and Facebook Login helped them achieve just this. Through Facebook, new users could connect to the service from any device and start collating and sharing their favorite memories in an instant.

While new joiners were given the option to log in with email or via Facebook, 62% of those who signed up to First Smile chose the simple path of Facebook Login. First Smile makes it easier to share memories by connecting people to their Facebook network via Facebook Login which resulted in 33% higher app launches. They also spent 22% more time in the app and uploaded 9% more memories.

Optimizing people's experience with Analytics for Apps

The Solution

As the app is still in its infancy, it is crucial for First Smile to make its user experience as easy to use as possible. By using Analytics for Apps to measure key metrics and trends such as active users, retention, and funnel conversion rate, First Smile can arm its team with actionable insights that help make the app more fun and intuitive to use.

For example, funnel analysis in Analytics for Apps allowed First Smile to easily create and visualize people's journeys and experiences within the platform. The team could view the performance of key funnels such as app installs to registration and install to photo uploaded. This allowed them to understand and optimize the conversion rate of key funnels in the app. As a result, First Smile saw a 37% increase of average photos uploaded by people and 2X increase in monthly uploaded photos. The in-app connections per baby also doubled, which drove a 20% improvement in consumer retention.

First Smile also used insights from Analytics for Apps to find the most relevant audiences to target for advertising. To do this the team first identified the most engaged users within the app and then created Lookalike Audiences, which are people who were similar to the top app users and therefore more likely to be interested in the app. This analytical approach to connecting with new potential customers helped First Smile make the most of its Facebook advertising campaigns.

FbStart opens up a new chapter for founders

First Smile is part of the global FbStart program that helps startups build and grow their apps. It gives them access to free partner tools and services such as MailChimp, Amazon AWS, and Dropbox, as well as in-person advice from experts.

The support First Smile has received through FbStart helped the team turn over a new leaf for its business by allowing product development to take center stage, with expert tips available when needed on how best Facebook can accelerate growth.

FbStart also gave First Smile access to a like-minded community of start-ups, and a program of networking events focusing on the latest trends and technical developments.

As First Smile continues to be the poster child of digital scrapbooks, the team is striving to uncover deeper insights to streamline and enhance in-app experiences and connect with new families around the world. With Facebook, the team can ensure it remains the top choice for parents to capture precious memories of their children and ensure these moments are kept safe and sound.

The Results


increase of average photos uploaded by users


rise in monthly uploaded photos


increase of in-app connections per baby


reduction in CPI (Cost Per Install) of Mobile Apps Ads