Facebook platform products help Familonet keep families safe around the world.

The Story

Familonet Keeps Families Close, Wherever They Are

"Let me know when you get home safely!" are words that most of us have heard from anxious friends or parents. To help families around the world ease their worries, a couple of German developers turned to technology, and Familonet was born.

Founded in 2012 in Hamburg, Familonet is a smart geolocation-enabled mobile app that answers the question: "Where are you?" exactly when needed. The app gives people real-time information about the location of their friends and family, fully respecting their privacy at all times. The app has become hugely popular, and is now used by over 1.5M people in 16 languages worldwide.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Exact and effortless customer acquisition with Facebook App Ads

To help Familonet achieve global growth the team turned to Facebook App Ads. With their scale and precision targeting, Facebook App Ads allowed Familonet to effortlessly reach its most important target group - parents - all over the world. By running CPI-based campaigns using static and carousel ads in over 10 countries, Familonet generated more than 250K app installs in the past two years.

Unlike other marketing channels - such as print or PR - Facebook App Ads gave the team exact clarity on the performance of their ads, and they would pay only when someone installed their app. What’s more, customers acquired from Facebook App Ads proved to be more valuable and had a 10% higher retention rate than customers acquired through other marketing channels. And whilst some other marketing channels were cheaper in the short-term, their limited targeting options and lower customer retention made the ROI lower in the long-term. Inspired by their results, Familonet now use Facebook App Ads as one of their main customer acquisition channels.

Facebook App Ads not only helped us reach a global audience, but the detailed measurement options also helped us identify the markets with the optimal activity, conversion, and retention rates, making our customer acquisition more focused and cost-efficient.

David Nellessen, Co-Founder & CTO, Familonet

The Solution

New sign-ups made simple with Account Kit

To give new customers a quick and easy way to access the app, Familonet integrated Account Kit phone number login. Initially, the team rolled out Account Kit to 20K new users and instantly saw great results. The global success rate for Account Kit-based phone number verification was 78%, and Familonet increased its onboarding conversion rate by more than 40%.

"Account Kit is an easy way to onboard new customers based on their mobile phone numbers. It allowed us to replace the complex service architecture we built for SMS-based phone number verification with a one-stop solution. It was easy to integrate and it works reliably without any maintenance from our side. The service is also free of charge, whereas with our own solution we were paying €0.04 per verified user." - David Nellessen, Co-Founder and CTO, Familonet

As Familonet keeps expanding its global footprint, Facebook continues to play a key role in helping it reach new, targeted audiences, convert more customers, and drive higher long-term engagement.