English Dost Helps Indians Learn English with Facebook Tools

India-based English Dost is a mobile education company that teaches people in India how to speak English in order to improve their opportunities for employment through learning English.

They are building a teaching solution that utilizes users' interests and learns about their preferences to deliver a highly personalized and affordable English learning experience.

Available on: Android, Web

“Using Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, we’ve been able to cut our user acquisition costs by about 60 – 70%. ” - Ram Kakkad, CEO, English Dost


As a member of the FbStart program, English Dost used Facebook Mobile App Install Ads as their main acquisition source. They have explored other acquisition channels but realized that they cost anywhere from 2X to 10X more for the same results.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads allowed them to target specific people based on their demographics and interests. English Dost tried targeting a variety of demographics and interests, and noticed that some segments were about 50% more expensive than others. By eliminating those costly segments and focusing their costs on the segment that gave them the best install rates, English Dost kept their costs low while enjoying great returns. English Dost also made use of the Lookalike Audience feature to target people who are similar to those already on their app, hence assuring that they are always acquiring high-quality users.

In addition to leveraging Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, English Dost also uses Facebook Analytics for Apps to improve the engagement in the app. In using app events to understand how their audience used the app, English Dost used data from Facebook Analytics for App to guide them on their product iterations. For example, they experimented with various methods to onboard users and have them complete basic tasks within the app while tracking usage patterns using the Funnels feature on Facebook Analytics for Apps. By studying the data collected, they were able to iterate and generate a 40% increase in the number of people achieving this milestone. These changes also helped English Dost achieve a 2X increase in daily time spent in the app.


  • 60%
    lower user acquisition costs with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
  • 40%
    increase in achieving usage milestone
  • 2x
    amount of time users spent on the app per day

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