Clash of Kings Game

ELEX is a Chinese company with global ambition, specializing in non-English speaking games and software

The Story

ELEX is a Chinese company with global ambition, specializing in non-English speaking games and software. ELEX's games business spans across social, browser and wireless games. As a top social game developer in Asia, ELEX games draw nearly 20 million players. Examples of some of their popular social games include Happy Harvest, City Life and Clash of Kings, a cross-platform real-time strategy game.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

Recognizing players’ preference for a seamless experience across devices, ELEX created a cross-platform version of its successful mobile game Clash of Kings by integrating it into The company wanted to take the game global by making it accessible to players on their devices of choice.

The Solution

While the original mobile version of Clash of Kings was built on Unity, ELEX invested in hiring 20 engineers and re-wrote the whole game in flash to improve player experience. Features were also redesigned and updated to ensure balance between mobile & desktop versions of the game.

The Results


players globally


higher player engagement rate


increase in average playtime

Facebook Products Used

ELEX leveraged Parse Push to create high quality campaigns and keep players engaged.

ELEX used App Notifications to effectively communicate important game events with people without additional cost.

ELEX used Game Requests to attract new players to Clash of Kings and to engage with existing players.

ELEX integrated the Like button to enable their players to connect easily with their gaming communities.

ELEX used Sharing to allow players to share exciting gaming experiences with their friends.

ELEX noticed that players using Facebook Login were more active. Low acquisition cost together with more engaged users enabled Clash of Kings to acquire high quality players.