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Their Story

The best travel deals in one place

Founded by Edmundas Balčikonis – a Facebook Developer Circles Lead – and Pranas Kiziela with Adomas Baltagalvis, and headquartered in Lithuania, Eddy Travels is an artificial intelligence-powered travel assistant that helps customers easily find flights, hotels, staycations and car rentals. It searches travel sites such as Skyscanner and Booking.com to aggregate and compare travel deals, display the lowest prices available, and help people find the appropriate website to make bookings.

Though the service is available on multiple messaging platforms, Eddy Travels found much success with Messenger, which is used widely by its three million-strong user base. By the end of 2019, Eddy Travels determined that Messenger’s sophisticated conversational abilities coupled with Facebook’s advertising capabilities provide a favorable user experience and boost conversions. The company then decided to focus on Messenger as its primary channel.

Their Goal

Speedy results

Since launching, Eddy Travels has continually worked to eliminate the need for people to manually search for the best travel deal by using automation to aggregate information as quickly as possible and supply results fast.

Their Solution

Aggregating with automation

To deliver results speedily to customers at all times, Eddy Travels’ automated experience for Messenger was built with features such as templates, custom natural language processing (NLP) and quick replies. By using this combination of features, the travel deals company is able to search, aggregate and deliver results for the most economical travel options available quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Eddy Travels integrated the Facebook Chat Plugin into its website so that people can launch Messenger with one click. The company also leverages Facebook advertising to attract people interested in travel to the Messenger-powered digital assistant and uses Messenger’s audio input feature to enable it’s users to search for flights and accommodation using voice messages. After noticing that users who send voice messages become more engaged, the Eddy Travels team also created dedicated tips to encourage users to try sending voice messages to the AI assistant.

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Their Success

More searches, more results

With Messenger, Eddy Travels made the most of natural language processing, templates and quick replies to speed up the travel price comparison process for customers. Using this combination to make the customer journey as simple and fast as possible, the travel assistant earned the following results:

  • 75% conversation success rate (getting people to results), June-August 2020
  • 28% of users return to use the Messenger experience, June-August 2020
  • 16% of users who searched for trips and bookings on Eddy Travels clicked on results, June-August 2020
  • Over 2.300.000 flight searches with Skyscanner in 2020

“Messenger helps us innovate constantly by scaling our efforts and quickly bringing accurate results to customers. Because it integrates easily with other tools and platforms, we have been able to expand our business model to accommodate domestic travel search options and bring people the details they need quickly.“

-Edmundas Balčikonis, Co-founder and CEO, Eddy Travels

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