Success Story: DoubleU Games

South Korean developer DoubleU Games launched in May 2012 with only four employees and zero global experience. Since then, they have grown to nearly 150 employees and their game, DoubleU Casino, has more than 18 million players across 220 countries. A vast majority of these players are based outside of Asia.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android


To connect with players on a global scale, DoubleU Games used App Ads, Facebook Login and Sharing for its game, DoubleU Casino.

By using App Ads with the Lookalike Audiences feature, DoubleU Casino was able to identify new audiences similar to their current player segments. The audience that DoubleU Casino gained through App Ads now accounts for 80% of their desktop revenue. 80% of all accounts on DoubleU Casino are accessed with Facebook Login. Using Facebook Analytics for Apps, they found that players using Facebook Login have higher loyalty. DoubleU Casino used Sharing to create a viral effect, gaining 750K new visits to the game every day.

DoubleU Casino is now a top 10 grossing web game worldwide with 71% of its desktop revenue coming from the United States, and is a top 30 game on the Google Play charts in the U.S., Australia and Canada. The company went public in early November this year.


  • 71%
    of its desktop revenue coming from the U.S.
  • 950K
    daily active players
  • 3.8M
    posts shared every day

Facebook Products Used:

  • App Ads: DoubleU Games leveraged App Ads to target lookalike audience.
  • App Invites: DoubleU Games gained new players via Game Requests.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: DoubleU Games used Facebook Analytics for Apps to track time spent from install to purchase using Cohort.
  • Facebook Login: DoubleU Games utilized Facebook Login to provide players an easy way to sign up.
  • Sharing: Using Sharing, DoubleU Games Gained 750K new daily visits.