Success Story: CookApps

CookApps is a South Korean game developer with a strong focus on building and connecting people through fun experiences. This is how CookApps grew from a two person team in 2010 to being a 100 employees strong company today. CookApps made their mark with the release of games such as Buggle, Pengle, Bubble CoCo and Water Splash. Buggle in particular drew more than 10 million accumulated players and an average of 3 million monthly players.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android


Consistent with their mission of creating fun consumer experiences, CookApps looked to App Events and Facebook Analytics for Apps to uncover valuable and actionable player insights for their Water Splash game. Using these tools, CookApps is able to analyze various actions taken by players from their Analytics for Apps dashboard.

Using App Events and Facebook Analytics for Apps, CookApps identified key player spending credit patterns across different segments. That led them to reduce the game item prices for frequent players and resulted in a 2X increase in the buying frequency without a reduction in revenue. With Facebook Analytics for Apps, CookApps set up funnels to study the dropout rates between levels and adjusted the difficulty levels of the games. Comparing the results from Facebook Analytics for Apps with their in-house analytics tool, they confirmed the accuracy of the data they have collected.


  • 2x
    number of purchases made
  • 15%
    increase in play count
  • 10%
    increase in Facebook Login acceptance rate

Facebook Products Used

  • App Events: CookApps used App Events to log and monitor players' spending patterns.
  • App Invites: CookApps leveraged App Invites to successfully acquire new players.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: CookApps used Facebook Analytics for Apps to compare playing behaviors and patterns between organic and paid players.
  • Facebook Login: CookApps facilitated the sign up and login processes for 100% of their players.
  • Sharing: CookApps implemented Facebook Sharing, which contributed to 4 million posts published every day.