Collective Benefits

Empowering gig economy workers

Their Story

Bridging the benefits gap

Anthony Beilin started Collective Benefits to address the lack of benefits affecting gig economy workers in the UK. “There are close to six million self-employed people in the UK who don’t have sick pay, maternity pay, compassion leave, and this is both an individual problem and one that can affect the whole of society.”

With Collective Benefits, gig workers and self-employed freelancers have access to a full range of affordable benefits that remain active, even as they move between contracts.

As a startup with a unique solution, Anthony applied to Accelerator London, an immersive program that works with young businesses and helps them prepare their product and processes for their next wave of growth. After working with industry experts, Collective Benefits was able to fine tune its product-market fit and address business challenges stemming from rapid growth.

Listen to Anthony Beilin share the many ways the Accelerator program helped him prepare his company for its next phase of growth.

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