Leveraging the Facebook Accelerator program to improve business processes and forge connections


Their Story

Connecting patients and healthcare businesses around the clock

Founded in 2017 by engineers Felipe Miranda Costa and Tiago Miranda, Cloudia is a healthcare startup based in Brazil that uses a smart virtual assistant to connect patients and health clinics.

Felipe has Type 1 Diabetes and was continuously frustrated by the bad experiences he encountered while attempting to schedule appointments with endocrinologists. A friend who ran a healthcare clinic confided in Felipe that they spent a considerable amount of time responding to repetitive customers queries related to bookings and cancellations. Seeing an opportunity, he decided to come up with a solution allowing patients to schedule appointments and receive answers to their questions even after office hours.

The Goal

Revising the business model

Felipe and Tiago found that 66% of patient appointment requests occurred outside of regular business hours. Automation of routine tasks would allow healthcare establishments to provide immediate, round-the-clock support. As a result, they decided to put their technical background to use and founded Cloudia, an application powered by Messenger that automates several routine tasks at healthcare clinics including in-house operations, customer care, reporting, and marketing.

Cloudia’s technology now offers patients the freedom and autonomy to schedule, check and cancel appointments even outside of business hours, and access a list of frequently asked questions.

While Felipe and Tiago had faith in the product they built, their business model was complicated and pricing structure a deterrent to sales. The duo needed help with the sales process, identifying the right sales talent, and identifying the best sales-focused software.

The Solution

Leveraging Accelerator expertise

As one of the ten businesses in Brazil to be selected for the Facebook Accelerator program, the Cloudia team received mentorship from notable business partners and leaders, to prepare them for the next phase of growth and expansion.

Felipe and Tiago worked with Eduardo (Dudi) Barros, a Facebook Client Partner who helped reevaluate their business model. After identifying the issues with their existing price structure, the Cloudia team adjusted their sales processes to better align with a Software-as-a-Service business model. This included an automated payment system that aligned with their new business model.

Beyond this, Felipe and Tiago also connected with founders of other startups, and exchanged valuable information and business expertise with them. “Overall, we were able to save approximately three months’ worth of research,” said Felipe.

The Results

Getting the right support

Felipe and Tiago walked away with valuable knowledge that was instrumental in improving their business. They also forged connections with other startup founders in the program, exchanging a wealth of information and ideas. By applying their newly learned business wisdom to Cloudia, Felipe and Tiago saw the following results:

  • Over 27 million messages exchanged
  • 2.2 million customer service actions made through Cloudia
  • Over 395,000 customer appointment scheduled through Cloudia

“The Facebook Accelerator Brazil program gave us access to Facebook product experts who worked with us and lent us their support and expertise, equipping us to build an even better solution. Our application benefits both healthcare businesses who need to be available to their patients around-the-clock, as well as patients, who need to communicate with the clinics during and after office hours.”

-Felipe Miranda Costa and Tiago Miranda, co-founders, Cloudia

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