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YoulongHudong is a game studio based in China that focuses on creating games

The Story

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Started in 2010, YoulongHudong is a game studio based in China that focuses on creating games. Thanks to Facebook, YoulongHudong has created multiple hit games including Duty of Heroes, Battle of Gods, and the recently launched Clash of War. Clash of War is a global real-time war strategy game where players recruit generals, build an army, form alliances with other players and attack enemy bases to gain rewards.

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Simply using one Facebook developer tool alone is not enough. When it comes to maximizing effectiveness of the tools, developers need to have patience while running tests and adjusting accordingly.

Jim Zhan, CEO, YoulongHudong

The Goal

Clash of War is a game that requires people to interact with their friends to form strategic alliances. As such, incentivizing word of mouth marketing is crucial.

The Solution

Clash of War integrated Sharing and Game Requests to do that. Players can share game stories and their achievements via Sharing to acquire organic downloads. To make sure that players do not end up spamming their friends, Clash of War invested in creating well-designed artwork with a clear title and story description for players to share.

Integrating Game Requests provided an easy way for players to invite their friends to the game. However, Clash of War understood that having the tool alone is not enough hence they also designed its game rules to encourage sending invitations. Firstly, forming alliances is a great defense strategy and alliances can only be formed with friends. Secondly, a player receives rewards when an invited friend is promoted in the game. Thirdly, only friends can send gifts amongst themselves and help each other speed up gathering resources.

By having engaging content and effective game design, organic acquisition using Sharing and Game Requests account for 73% of all players. These players also have a 45% higher Day 60 retention rates than others and they are 30% more likely to be high-paying players, spending more than USD $1,000.

Game Requests also improved user retention rates. Players can send requests to their friends to play the game with them. To make sure that players do not end up spamming their friends with multiple requests, Clash of War suggests players to send requests to their friends with higher in-game levels, and reduces number of requests sent to players who do not log in after receiving several requests.

Clash of War also used App-to-User Notifications to remind players to return to the game. By testing different messages sent to a variety of player segments based on user activity (play time), Clash of War achieved 30% CTR for notifications sent with App-to-User Notifications.

To get insights to all player activity happening in the game, Clash of War used Facebook Analytics for Apps to discover valuable player details such as locations, ages, genders and usage behaviors. This information not only gave Clash of War clarity on how to optimize the game experience for their most active players, but it was used for paid user acquisition.

Using Facebook Analytics for Apps, Clash of War found that men between the ages of 35 and 45 had the highest purchase rates and best retention. This information guided their decision to adjust their art design and user interface catering to those players, resulting in an improved ROI on these players. Information from Facebook Analytics for Apps was also used to guide their decisions on paid acquisition. Knowing who their best audience was and what messaging worked with them, Clash of War decreased their CPI by 20%.

The Results


of all players are acquired organically via Game Requests and Sharing


higher D60 retention rates for organic installs


CTR for notifications sent with App-to-User Notifications

Facebook Products Used

Created a cross-platform game reaching millions of potential Facebook players

Used to discover aggregated insights about players' locations, ages, genders and usage behaviors

Players can easily create an account for the game

Used to acquire new players and re-engage existing players