Piano Tiles 2

Cheetah Mobile's Piano Tiles 2 is a global hit reaching 100 million monthly active users.

The Story

Piano Tiles 2 Achieves Massive Growth with Facebook

Beijing-based Cheetah Mobile is a mobile Internet company known for its hit game Piano Tiles.

The sequel, Piano Tiles 2, has already achieved greater success than its predecessor in a mere four months since it launched. Piano Tiles 2 is a popular piano simulation game where players tap on the black tiles to create music while competing with players from around the world.

In December 2015, the iOS app reached the top spot in the “Free Downloads” category in 109 countries and topped the “Downloads in Games” chart in 142 countries. The Android app was ranked No. 1 in the “Free Downloads” category in 38 countries and reached No. 1 for the “Downloads in Games” category in 85 countries.

By integrating Facebook products, Piano Tiles 2 has become a global hit reaching 100 million monthly active users with 88% of these players based outside of China.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

To help reach a global audience, Piano Tiles 2 invested heavily in Facebook Mobile App Install Ads. They obtained more than 20 million players with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads and at a lower cost per install compared to other acquisition channels.

Piano Tiles 2 also uses Facebook Login to provide an easy way for players to sign up and log into the game. Not only that, players using Facebook Login could play the game with their friends. This ease of use and social interaction resulted in a 15% higher retention rate for players using Facebook Login than those who did not.

Players logged in with Facebook Login could easily invite their friends on Facebook to the game via Game Requests. Game Requests also provided Piano Tiles 2 with a way to re-engage their players. For players who were not using Facebook Login, Piano Tiles 2 relied on App Invites for these players to share content from the game. Using App Invites, Piano Tiles 2 acquired more than 3,500 new players every day.

The Solution

Cheetah Mobile leveraged Facebook Analytics for Apps to gather insights on how players were interacting with Piano Tiles 2. By implementing App Events to log what players were sharing, Piano Tiles 2 noticed that players were half as likely to share content of the game on the leaderboard page than on the results page. Upon a closer look at the data, they discovered that this happened because players were unwilling to share something without first previewing it, and there was no preview page for sharing content on the leaderboard page. This insight led them to add a preview page on the leaderboard page, which led to a 13% increase in their share frequency.

To monetize the game, Cheetah Mobile implemented interstitial ads from Facebook's Audience Network. Audience Network has been able to provide consistently high CPMs for interstitial ads on Piano Tiles 2. The game currently sees over 4% CTR, $12 CPMs in the United States, and receives over 2.5 million daily ad impressions. Cheetah Mobile also grew their overall ad revenue 4X just a short few weeks after implementing Facebook's Audience Network.

The Results


players acquired from Facebook Mobile App Install Ads


daily ad impressions from Audience Network


higher retention rate for players using Facebook Login

Facebook Products Used

Logged what players were sharing

Acquired 3,500+ new players every day

Monetized the game with interstitial ads

Analyzed shares on different pages and evaluated the effectiveness of several user acquisition channels

Provided an easy way for player logins and signups

Acquired 20 million new players at a lower CPI

Provided a way to re-engage their players

Generated leaderboard amongst players' friends on Facebook