Facebook helps Cheerz bring the joy back to photo printing.

The Story

Created in 2012 in France, Cheerz is a photo-printing app that helps you turn photos from your phone, Instagram, Facebook and other favorite places into fun and personalized photo products. Inspired by some of the leading brands in the world, Cheerz is focused on building a lifestyle brand that truly engages with its customers, providing a personalized service that’s simple and joyful. To help Cheerz achieve this ambition it turned to Facebook, whose mentorship and products helped it quickly grow from a small startup to a recognized company with multi-million-euro turnover.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Growing fast with FbStart

Cheerz joined the FbStart program and built a close working relationship with the Facebook team in France that gave them advice on how to best use various Facebook products.

As an FbStart member, Cheerz received free Facebook ad credits that gave it the freedom to experiment with different types of ads to see what worked well for its audience. It also got access to free tools and services such as MailChimp and Hootsuite that helped the team streamline its marketing and social media campaigns.

Thanks to FbStart resources and the advice Facebook product experts gave us, we’ve discovered what customer acquisition tools work best for us, and we continue to use them today to scale our business.

Tiphaine Denis, Acquisition Manager at Cheerz

The Solution

Effortless connection with Facebook Login

Cheerz integrated Facebook Login to give its customers a quick and easy access to the app. Even though other login methods are available, 80% of Cheerz’s customers choose to log in with Facebook Login. It gives customers a familiar environment where they can see their order history, update their preferences, and invite friends to join the app and receive a discount on their next purchases.

Customer profile information also helps Cheerz to build a clearer picture of its audience, which in turn helps it create more targeted marketing campaigns and identify customers with the highest lifetime value.

Driving customer acquisition and loyalty with Facebook App Ads

Acquiring new customers is just as important as retaining and engaging the existing ones, and Facebook App Ads helped Cheerz strike just the right balance.

Looking to drive mobile app installs and in-app purchases from their core audience of French mums aged 25-45, Cheerz ran a campaign featuring five second videos. The campaign helped Cheerz reach a targeted audience of 284K potential new customers with 15% of them converting to customers as a result of the campaign.

To re-engage people who hadn’t made a purchase in the app in the past 6-12 months, Cheerz ran a dynamic carousel ad campaign that helped them reconnect with all of their past customers, and 1 in 5 of them returned to the app to make a purchase.

What makes Facebook App Ads so great is the granularity of detail we get. When we are looking to target a specific group of customers there is no other channel on the market that gives us more accurate targeting. Because of this our CPA from Facebook App Ads is 10-15% lower than from other sources.

Maxime Schipman, Head of Traffic Acquisition at Cheerz

Rethinking the future of communication with Messenger

Always thinking about new and interesting ways to engage with customers, Cheerz is working on its latest innovation – a bot for Messenger. The bot is a fun way for people to upload one of their iPhone photos directly in Messenger, customize it by applying a classic or vintage print format and their favorite color template, and once the photo is created – place an order. When the payment is confirmed in the Cheerz app, the customer receives the order confirmation directly in Messenger. Not only will this new channel give the team an engaging way to communicate with its customers, but it will also provide support for the customer service team as the business is growing.

The Results


of customers choose to connect with Facebook Login


of audience targeted with Facebook App Ads converted to paying customers


of past customers re-engaged with Facebook App Ads made a new purchase


Lower CPA from Facebook App Ads compared to other channels