CastBox Creates a World Connected by Sound with Facebook

The Story

CastBox Creates a World Connected by Sound with Facebook

CastBox Founder Xiaoyu Wang, would spend at least two hours a day commuting to work and this totaled up to ten hours per week. To fully utilize this time, she was always plugged into some form of audio content during her daily commute. Often enough, music was the most accessible form of audio content available. However, Xiaoyu's desire for audio content evolved and she was searching for more diversified audio options such as audiobooks and podcasts. Xiaoyu was not able to find podcast apps that were easy to use for a first-time user.

Xiaoyu learnt that people spent an average of 95 minutes a day listening to audio and saw an opportunity to develop an intuitive listening app that was not limited to music. Inspired by this, Xiaoyu decided to leave her previous job to create CastBox.

Founded in 2016, CastBox is the leading global audio platform for podcasts, on-demand radio and audiobooks. CastBox set out to create a platform that enables anyone to easily find, access, and enjoy the world's best spoken audio, anywhere, anytime.

Within a year of launch, CastBox has achieved 6 Million worldwide installs and 1 Million monthly active users. CastBox currently available across 135 countries and offers over 50 million volumes of audio content on their platform ranging from podcasts, on-demand radio and audiobooks. CastBox is creating an online community that bridges the gap between listeners and content creators.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

CastBox's goal is to connect people through audio, delivering personalized recommended audio content suited to a listener’s preference.

The Solution

CastBox's growth stems from the use of multiple Facebook products. CastBox has also fully integrated Facebook SDK and Facebook Analytics into our strategy, which continuously provides us with great insights on app operation & user experience optimization

Xiaoyu Wang, Founder of CastBox

CastBox incorporated Facebook Login so that people can easily log into the app to enable synchronization of their subscriptions and favorite audio content. More than two-thirds of CastBox's registered customers sign into the app with Facebook Login.

CastBox's use of Sharing allowed listeners to share in-app audio content on Facebook. More than 85% of podcasts and episodes on CastBox are shared through Facebook.

As CastBox looked towards growing its customer base, it needed to find a way to reach people around the world to drive app downloads. Castbox used Facebook App Ads to promote its app installs on the Facebook newsfeed, which resulted in nearly three million installs within 10 months.

At the same time, CastBox wanted to find a way to monetize the app while keeping the user experience friendly and non-disruptive. CastBox turned to Facebook Audience Network to monetize its app. CastBox implemented native ads and this generated over 40% of its in-app revenue.

The Results


of registered customers log in through Facebook Login


of podcasts and episodes from CastBox are shared through Facebook


of advertising income is generated from Audience Network

Facebook Products Used

Provided a seamless and convenient way for people to log in across devices and platforms

Enabled people to easily share podcasts and episodes from CastBox on Facebook

Drive new installs globally

Helped CastBox to monetize the app, which contributed to its advertising revenue