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Her story

According to Judy Lee, conversation is the human interaction we are most familiar with – which might explain why she felt there was ample opportunity for a service provider that allows businesses to have meaningful interactions with their customers.

After working alongside her husband at a multinational technology company, the couple continued their working relationship to create BotBonnie, a leading conversational service provider for businesses across Southeast Asia.

The challenge

Despite the world’s increased digital connections, Judy was aware that not all businesses are able to have real-time, important conversations with their customers.

Even if companies did recognize the need for this enhanced communication, often they were not equipped with the resources or expertise to create their own solutions.

The solution

In order to help businesses create meaningful interactions with their customers, Judy turned to Messenger. As a popular app for everyday communication, she recognized its power and potential to help businesses easily converse with consumers. Judy considered all possibilities in the areas of marketing campaigns, AI virtual assistants, customer care services, and more – and BotBonnie was launched.

The very first success using Messenger was a partnership with Ogilvy Taiwan to launch new Chinese character fonts, which achieved more than 50,000 conversations in just three days.

The results

From its modest beginnings, BotBonnie grew quickly from servicing a handful of brands in Taiwan to becoming a global Messenger-based platform powering an international audience of more than 10,000 brands today.

Judy credits Facebook with helping the business grow by being supportive to developers and start-ups, which includes listening to developers and being open to feedback on Messenger features.

“Facebook’s way of working is very similar to BotBonnie’s philosophy in that they put the user experience first and are willing to embrace change.”

-Judy Lee, BotBonnie, Co-founder

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