Saving time and boosting awareness with Facebook Official Events API


All-in-one events management platform

Billetto is an online ticketing and community events platform with over 3 million members across Europe. We offer smart self-ticketing solutions that have provided over 300,000 events with a plug-and-play ticketing system that helps event organisers sell tickets and promote events online. Our aim is to disrupt the ticketing industry by reducing fees, integrating with social media, and engaging users with beautiful design and innovative technology.


Promoting new events quickly

We wanted to help our event organisers save time and boost sales by finding and implementing new ways for them to promote their events on social media.


One centralised system

Because Facebook is one of our biggest sources of traffic, we partnered with the social media company to integrate its Official Events API into our website. We built an “Add to Facebook” feature that allows our organisers to share events from our website to Facebook Events.

After adding online and in-person event listings to our website, event organisers are now prompted to share the event on their respective Facebook page. The integration is simple for event organisers—they first need to authenticate and connect their Facebook page with our website, and then they’re able to seamlessly add events to Facebook. This “Add to Facebook” feature makes it faster and more efficient for organisers to promote their event on social media.

From a technical standpoint, the integration was quite straightforward. As with any implementation, we hit a couple of bumps along the way, but all in all, it only took a few days to build with the clear documentation supplied by Facebook.


Greater efficiency

By using the Facebook Official Events API, our organisers saved time when creating events, especially because many of them list tens or hundreds of events at a time.

“The Facebook Official Events API helps our event organisers save time when listing multiple events on our website. The integration process was straightforward, with event documentation taking only a few days to get in order. The organisers now know the importance of promoting events using a variety of tools.”

Patrick Borre
Founder and CEO, Billetto
Sasha Bondareva
Product Manager, Billetto


Official Events API

With over 2.7 billion people on Facebook every month, integrating with Official Events API helps your event creators reach more people easily and drive attendance for online and in-person events.

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