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Resolving 42% more customer service queries with Messenger API for Instagram


Fragrant products for body and home

Founded in the United States in 1990, personal care brand Bath & Body Works now operates worldwide, offering its range of fragrances and skincare products. The company aims to provide service experiences that surprise and delight, and Bath & Body Works Arabia’s marketing team uses Messenger to answer customer questions and to help people resolve issues.


increase in incoming queries via Messenger and Instagram


improvement in resolved conversations


operational time savings after implementing Messenger API for Instagram


Data-driven customer care expansion

Throughout 2020, Bath & Body Works Arabia experienced a sharp 64% increase in message volume compared to 2019. What’s more, the brand also received 14X more comments per Facebook Page post. The Bath & Body Works Arabia team wanted to use these insights to scale their customer communication channels on social media so they could provide more efficient customer care.


More efficient conversations

To manage and optimise its conversations with customers, Bath & Body Works Arabia partnered with customer experience expert Emplifi. The teams worked together to implement Messenger API for Instagram, streamlining the direct messages the brand received on Instagram into a centralised platform that managed all Bath & Body Works Arabia customer communications.

Using solutions from Emplifi, the personal care brand organised customer conversations from Messenger and Instagram into three categories – marketing, commerce, and care – to ensure all messages were answered in a timely manner. Bath & Body Works Arabia also tracked performance metrics such as response rate, resolution time, customer sentiment, engagement and satisfaction to derive insights that would help improve its customer service offerings.

In addition, Bath & Body Works Arabia trained its agents to engage customers in conservational commerce. Its agents learned how to use messaging to reduce friction during the customer journey by answering questions, recognise purchase intent, offer personalised recommendations, and direct customers to an ecommerce partner to make a purchase. The agents also used Messenger and Instagram to follow-up with customers after they made a purchase.


Improved customer service operations

By integrating Messenger API for Instagram, the Bath & Body Works Arabia customer care team was able to organise messages, respond to customers faster, and identify qualified leads. Throughout 2020, the personal care brand achieved the following:

  • 2.8X increase in incoming queries via Messenger and Instagram (2020 compared to 2019)[1]
  • 42% improvement in resolved conversations (compared to 2019)
  • 40% operational time savings after implementing Messenger API for Instagram (2020 compared to 2019)[2]
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“Working with Emplifi and implementing Messenger API for Instagram allowed us to more easily categorise messages from our customers so that our agents could respond faster and more efficiently. By streamlining customer conversations into one central hub, we’ve not only boosted productivity, but identified new sales opportunities, too.”

Amina Mashukova
PR & Social Media Executive, Bath & Body Works Arabia

Messenger API for Instagram

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