Engaging customers and gaining sales via Messenger and Facebook Live

Their Story

Quality ecommerce

Banggood is a trusted online retail platform headquartered in China. Founded in 2006, it has grown to become an expert in B2C cross-border commerce and has gained global recognition due to its high-quality goods, efficient supply chain and top-class customer service. With its global network of nearly 40 warehouses and partnerships with major logistics companies, it can speedily and conveniently deliver goods to customers.

In 2019, Banggood developed an automated experience on Messenger, and since then, has been exploring new ways to further drive customer engagement.

Their Goal

A new customer engagement strategy

Banggood wanted to tap into the trend of livestreaming to engage customers and drive sales in a new way, but was struggling to find the best way to do this. It needed a solution that would not only allow for customer engagement and sales, but post-event retargeting as well.

Their Solution

Pairing Messenger and Facebook Live

In order to launch a live-streamed event for its 2020 Easter campaign, Banggood partnered with artificial intelligence developer Bothub to develop a Facebook Live experience that leveraged the retailer’s existing Messenger-powered digital assistant. With this event, Banggood wanted to measure the impact of Messenger on user engagement and sales conversions, as well as gain insights into livestreaming to global markets.

To attract an audience and publicise the Facebook Live event, Banggood used a one-time notification via both Facebook’s Send-To-Messenger Plugin and the Facebook Chat Plugin. It then incentivised people to use Messenger by allowing them to share personalised Easter cards, which contained information about the upcoming livestream.

During the Facebook Live event, Banggood became the first ecommerce platform to use in-stream rewards (ISR), which are commonly used in mobile games, during its Easter livestream event. These rewards incentivised the live audience to continue watching and participating by offering them the opportunity to earn Banggood coupons by watching the livestream for a specific amount of time. The earned coupons were delivered via Messenger, and the retailer also encouraged people to explore product offers via Messenger.

Example of Banggood's Messenger

Their Success

Greater commercial interest

By integrating Messenger and providing in-stream rewards during its Easter livestream, Banggood increased user engagement and sales. After sending reminders to people via the one-time notification system and rewarding them for their participation in the livestream, the ecommerce platform saw the following results:

  • 16X higher engagement rate compared to the previous livestream without Messenger integration
  • 8X higher purchase rate from users who received the Messenger one-time notification
  • 4.7% increase in purchase rate of users who received the one-time notification and viewed the Facebook Live event

“As the trend of livestreaming on social platforms has been on the rise, it became clear that we needed to tap on to these trends and include them in our digital and sales strategies. During our first Facebook Live event, Messenger helped us provide customers with a seamless automated experience that allowed customers to receive notifications and coupons and then explore product offers, which ultimately led to increased engagement rates and sales.”

-Aaron Chen, CEO,

“The team at Bothub partnered with Banggood to help set up the Facebook Live event and ensure the integration with Banggood’s Messenger-powered digital assistant ran smoothly. With these Facebook products working together, Banggood boosted both its engagement rates and sales, and were able to glean insights on how to interact with customers across multiple markets. We look forward to working with Banggood in the future and helping them grow their business.”

-Stanley Xu, CEO, Bothub.AI

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