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The Story

Playing House with Facebook Ads

The social media advertiser, Back At You Media was able to significantly scale its business by using Facebook APIs to develop two new features for its clients, resulting in a 50% increase in the company’s growth during its first year.

A Social Way to Buy and Sell

Back At You Media provides Facebook marketing for real estate enterprises and individual real estate agents. The company runs both organic and paid campaigns to better market real estate agents and their listings on Facebook. It recently launched new features focused on content delivery, new listing and open house posts and boosting campaigns. The new features are totally unique to Back At You Media and its clients and would not be possible without the use Facebook’s APIs.

The Goal

Keeping Up with Clients

As its business grew, the Back At You Media’s team was challenged to keep up with increasing client requests. The company needed a solution that could scale with its business.

Without the APIs, we would not be able to scale and fulfill orders to keep pace with our growth. Plus, with the APIs, we can not only quickly create an ad campaign, but we can also better track and measure the ads’ success and make adjustments quickly." Ð Eric Gaygeshian, COO/Co-Founder, Back At You Media

When we first started, everyone thought our focus on Facebook was a big mistake. We had a different vision. We recognized the power of referrals and recommendations from friends – and the power of Facebook.

Michael Glazer, CEO/Co-Founder, Back At You Media

The Solution

Automating Facebook Ads

Back At You Media focused on two flows for its API integration: its monthly managed lead generation ads and its home listing marketing services.

Quick and Fresh

The company incorporated the Marketing API into its novel Sync Wizard, which helps publish clients’ Facebook ads within minutes. Using the Sync Wizard, Back At You Media automatically generates what it needs to create, launch and analyze its clients’ ad campaigns. Each month, the proprietary Sync Wizard system optimizes all creatives used in its clients’ ads and launches new campaigns, ensuring clients’ ads are always fresh.

Marketing a Home Listing

Back At You Media uses the Graph API to develop its Social Media Center, which displays listings and provides marketing features to promote the home on Facebook. Clients use the Sync Wizard to activate their real estate listings in the Social Media Center. From there, clients can boost or advertise their new listings or open houses with a few clicks of a button. If a client boosts a listing in the Social Media Center, Back At You Media dynamically generates reports and other custom analytics that can be shared with the seller.

Improving Workflows with APIs

Real estate agents using Back At You Media’s services are extremely happy with the results they receive and, according to the social media advertiser, that success wouldn’t be possible without Facebook APIs.

The Results


reduction in time spent on the ad creation process


reduction in time spent on onboarding new clients


increase in business scalability without the need to hire new people.

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