Building India's Most Trusted Childcare Community With Facebook Tools

Launched in January 2015, Naiyya Saggi founded BabyChakra as a social discovery platform for young mothers seeking advice and support for pregnancy, maternity and childcare needs. With almost one million monthly active users, BabyChakra is now India’s largest parenting platform where expecting and young parents come to connect and discover products and services to help them navigate parenthood.

Available on: Web, Android

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BabyChakra wanted to be a trusted care companion for all parenting needs. This meant that the platform would be built on reliable content and honest reviews provided by users. As such, it was key that user profiles were genuine and that the app was a safe space for young mothers to discover and obtain dependable advice.

With word-of-mouth referrals contributing mainly to user sign ups, the team was looking to increase their customer acquisition through other channels.

At the same time, BabyChakra aimed to deliver relevant and insightful content specifically tailored to their online community of young parents.


“Facebook has actually been an invaluable partner to BabyChakra on its journey from origin to scale. Through Fbstart, our developers had a lot of online training and exposure to Facebook tools to test, grow and scale BabyChakra.” - Naiyya Saggi, CEO, Founder of BabyChakra

As BabyChakra looked towards growth, they applied to the FbStart program to get advice and tools that would help them scale. As an FbStart member, BabyChakra was able to utilize various tools and services, including the provision of technical support and online training for their developers from Facebook.

To ensure that young parents feel comfortable interacting online, the company integrated Facebook Login so that people can easily log in and be authenticated through their Facebook accounts. The integration helped build a strong base of authentic profiles with almost 60% of all BabyChakra users log in via Facebook Login. BabyChakra also saw a 50% higher engagement rate with people using Facebook Login compared to other sources.

BabyChakra leverages Facebook App Ads to expand its user base. These Facebook App Ads directed people to the app store to drive download. BabyChakra achieved a download to sign up ratio of 80% through Facebook App Ads, which is 2X higher compared to other sources.

BabyChakra also used Graph API to retrieve data from Facebook's social graph, learning more insights about their current preferences and connections. It also enabled BabyChakra to identify marketing messages that are relevant to their audience, creating more user-targeted content on the platform based on the feedback.


  • 60%
    of people log in through Facebook
  • 50%
    higher engagement with people signing in through Facebook Login
  • 80%
    download to sign up ratio (2X versus other sources) for users acquired through Facebook App Ads

Facebook Products Used:

  • FbStart: To get advice and tools that would help the business scale
  • Facebook Login: To ensure a community of verified users and provide a simple registration experience
  • Facebook App Ads: To expand the database of highly-engaged users and drive new installs to the app
  • Graph API: To connect their users on the platform with their Facebook friends