Auto Chilango

Auto Chilango helps car owners in Mexico City manage all things related to their vehicles.

The Story

Auto Chilango Accelerates its Growth in Mexico City

Don’t let the name fool you. Mexico City isn’t a city. It’s a megacity. Owning a vehicle in a traffic-jammed metropolis can be a challenge, so Auto Chilango set out to make car owners' lives easier. Launched in 2013, the app helps auto-owners manage everything from paying tickets and taxes to routine services and regulation changes.

Driven by organic growth and word-of-mouth recommendations, Auto Chilango’s app has seen surges in popularity thanks to changes with on-the-road regulations. In December 2015, for example, the city's government made big changes to the traffic code, prompting 80,000 new app installs in just one month.

The Goal

1M app installs across Mexico, wider Latin America and beyond

The Solution

Facebook Login is the key to driving engagement

When it came to driving engagement, Facebook Login proved to be the key to ignition. It is not mandatory to sign in to use the app, but drivers who sign in with Facebook Login can unlock features that aren’t available to people that don't sign in; for example, the ability to register multiple vehicles or access maps for gas stations and parking lots.

Auto Chilango saw that 25% of its active customers chose to sign in with Facebook Login and 70% of Android users preferred to use Facebook Login over any other sign-in channel. Drivers who connected with Facebook Login also opened the app 38% more frequently compared to anonymous users. Better still, the team saw that people who use Facebook Login on iOS are more likely to monetize in the app by purchasing auto mechanic products.

Auto Chilango partners with a number of other companies such as body shops, car rental agencies and insurance companies, and it saw that 67% of the leads generated for these companies come from drivers that use Facebook Login in its app.

Making an impression with Facebook Mobile App Ads

Auto Chilango tried other customer acquisition channels in the past, but nothing delivered the same impressive results as Facebook. After Facebook Mobile App Ads decreased its CPI costs by 60%, the team also tested Facebook video ads. The campaigns achieved 500K impressions with 25% of video views, which is 2X more views than other video ad platforms that the team previously tested.

What’s more, Auto Chilango was able to fine-tune its campaign strategy thanks to audience demographic insights. When the team discovered that the app's ideal target audience was people 25-34 years old, they optimized their campaigns to target exactly this age group.

To boost its customer acquisition strategy further, Auto Chilango used the Facebook Share Dialog tool, which allows people to share the app in an organic way. 5% of its new customers use it to share the app with their friends.

FbStart revs up workflow and productivity

Looking to scale its app, and benefit from direct access to Facebook mentors and a range of free tools and services, Auto Chilango enrolled into FbStart in 2014.

For mobile startups that want to accelerate growth without burning through their budget, FbStart is ideal; access to Facebook experts and tools like Mailchimp, App Annie, Balsamiq, Dropbox, and Facebook ads fueled Auto Chilango’s workflow and productivity on a daily basis.

The free tools are awesome, but the principal value of the FbStart program is the mentorship from the Facebook team. They are very accessible and they really care about the growth and success of our company. For acquisition, Facebook is key. The program helped us to better understand our audience, which in turn led to more targeted and effective campaigns.

Guillermo González, CEO, Auto Chilango

On the road to success, Facebook remains the engine that’s powering Auto Chilango towards its ambitious future target of 1M app installs, and expansion across Mexico, wider Latin America and beyond.

The Results


of its active users chose to sign in with Facebook Login


decrease in CPI cost from Facebook Mobile App ads

Facebook Products Used

Facebook mentors and free partner benefits helped Auto Chilango to scale their app without burning the budget.

resulted in 500K impressions whilst decreasing CPI costs by 60%.

proved to be the preferred login option for 70% of Android users.