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High-end automobiles

Founded in 1909 and headquartered in Germany as part of the Volkswagen group, Audi designs and manufactures luxury vehicles. A leading producer of premium cars, the automaker values excellent customer service and wanted to offer a digital channel for communication with Messenger.


of new leads engage with Audi Taiwan on Facebook (Page + Messenger)


Audi Taiwan drivers interact with their Messenger-powered digital assistant every month


Streamlined communication

With Messenger, Audi Taiwan wanted to build a modern and functional client engagement platform that would foster meaningful relationships with customers. It aimed to use its automated customer service channel in a variety of ways, including scheduling test drives and maintenance, selling used cars, and managing its customer loyalty program. It hoped that Messenger would provide a streamlined communications channel that would allow for easy interactions between the brand, dealers, and customers.


Meaningful engagement

To build its automated experience for Messenger, Audi Taiwan began working closely with developer BotBonnie in 2017 and held multiple workshops to identify CRM challenges and establish its goals for the platform. The automaker wanted its digital assistant to include comprehensive features that allowed people to schedule appointments and maintain accounts, as well provide a personalised and meaningful customer service experience through services like automated maintenance reminders.

When building the digital assistant, BotBonnie included features such as image recognition so that users could upload an image of a vehicle to find out more information, an algorithm to sort complex bills between maintenance centres correctly, natural language processing that is updated regularly to distinguish between languages seamlessly, and a hybrid architecture that leverages the template message format for the entire Messenger experience.

Once the Messenger-powered digital assistance was integrated with Audi Taiwan’s existing CRM, BotBonnie helped train the team in how to use Messenger as its daily business communication tool and has continued to assist Audi Taiwan in introducing new Messenger features over the years, such as adding the ability to schedule test drives and maintenance appointments in 2018, introducing the option to request a quotation for a used car in 2019, and launching the functionality to manage loyalty program accounts in 2020.


Better relationships with customers

With Messenger, Audi Taiwan has gained over 80% of its new customer leads through Facebook, proving its ability to reach new customers and drive consideration, as well as the following results:

  • 80% of new leads engage with Audi Taiwan on Facebook (Page + Messenger)
  • Over 600 Audi Taiwan drivers interact with their Messenger-powered digital assistant every month

“Since launching Messenger as a customer engagement platform, we have been able to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our customers. Because the Messenger channel has a lower barrier to entry, our customers are guided through information that is comprehensive, able to address questions and provide in-depth solutions, allowing our brand to be present to all users when they need us. We’re extremely grateful for the wonderful partnership with our developer, BotBonnie and their willingness to not only create solutions that address business challenges, but also provide strategic advice. I look forward to continuing scaling our Messenger-powered digital assistant to better serve customers in the future.”

Digital Business and Network Quality Specialist
Audi Taiwan

“Working with Audi has been a pleasure for our team. We deeply value the partnership we’ve built with them over the years, and especially admire how they’ve worked to understand the Messenger platform and how it can best serve their customers by introducing new solutions over time. We are thrilled to continue working with them to deepen customer engagement through Messaging in the future!”

Roy Lo
Co-Founder & CEO, BotBonnie


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