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Online booking platform Appointedd provides businesses with scheduling options that enable clients to book services online and at their convenience.

The idea for the company came to CEO Leah Hutcheon, who founded the company in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011, when she wondered why it was difficult to book an appointment like a manicure or massage with an independent business online.

After attending a women’s business retreat, Leah was inspired to make the idea a reality – for two years, she worked with a web development company to create the platform and then was awarded a Scottish government grant for entrepreneurs. Since then, the company has grown to become a scalable scheduling solution for a variety of businesses located in 23 countries.


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Discovering Meta Business Extension

After Appointedd took part in the 12-week Meta Business Solutions Accelerator, the team learned about Meta Business Extension, a tool that helps brands integrate their apps with Meta technologies via a code-less setup experience. They believed it would be a great addition to the platform and would add value for its clients, and set out to integrate it.

“Meta Business Extension offers solutions that our clients have been asking for,” said Greg Dickson, Appointedd’s chief technology officer. “Something that regularly comes up, especially with retail, are questions about integrations for Facebook and Instagram, so we’re excited to offer straight-forward solutions through Meta Business Extension.”

From there, the Appointedd team quickly began working on integrating the solution during a six-week project cycle. “Honestly, who better to collaborate with than the world's biggest social network? It was kind of a no-brainer for us,” Leah said.

Appointedd’s Integration Process

To integrate Meta Business Extension, Greg led a five-member team including a product operations manager, three software engineers, and a UX designer. They worked together not only on the technical aspects of the integration, but to help the wider Appointedd team, including marketing and customer support, become familiar with Meta Business Extension before its roll-out.

As they worked, the software engineers encountered a challenge unique to their business model: businesses with multiple outlets needed to connect each store’s Appointedd account to Facebook or Instagram. “That's probably going to cause a bit of friction – at least in the first release – because it's going to only be a local store rather than a store selection screen there,” Greg said. “We're going to work out the mapping between Appointedd accounts and Facebook business pages in a future iteration.”

However, the rest of the integration ran smoothly, despite the team’s recent shift from a legacy system. “Since we’re now working in React, we honestly haven’t had to do much, Greg said. “This is actually going to be one of the first pages in our software that uses React, which is quite exciting for us.”

The Appointedd engineers were particularly pleased with the wizards inside the Meta Business Extension dashboard. Mikey Stewart, a software engineer said, “For some integrations, it's kind of a shot in the dark because you have to build the entire thing to check if it works. Whereas with this, you can just test a small chunk, validate it, and then move on to the next part of the process. I don't think I've ever encountered anything quite as extensive.”

“We've done a lot of integrations, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like the Meta Business Extension validation tools within the platform,” Greg said.

Testing Meta Business Extension

After the six-weeks allotted to integrate Meta Business Extension, Appointedd soft-launched the product with a handful of clients who helped test the product.

Eszter Boldog, a product operations manager, said, “Opening up new URLs is always a big piece of friction in the booking flow. But because this booking flow is a native experience on Facebook and Instagram we expect that we’ll see a higher conversion rate because. ”

In terms of success, the Appointedd team is clear: “The key metric is bookings and repeat bookings,” Leah said.

But beyond helping customers earn more bookings with Meta Business Extension, the team also hopes that it helps increase the number of new customers as well as engagements. Greg said, “I think if we just get people using it, existing customers and new customers coming through marketing materials and setting up purely for this, that'll be great.”


  • 4,440 businesses have signed up to Appointedd via the Facebook app store since launching Meta Business Extension API integration.
  • Over 70% of businesses who have signed up have connected with Meta Business Extension.
  • Since launching Meta Business Extension API integration, more than 3,000 bookings have been taken across Facebook and Instagram by businesses connected to Appointedd.


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Meta Business Extension

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