Anton Sport

Connecting Online and Offline for Higher Sales

The Story

The high-end sporting equipment retailer used Facebook’s Offline Conversion API to better marry the data it collects online and offline, resulting in a more tailored ad campaign and a 42% increase in year-over-year revenue.

Outfitting Oslo

Anton Sport brings a personal service to Norway’s premium sporting goods market. The medium-sized retailer, which sells everything from skiing equipment to running shoes and bicycles, also has a loyalty program for which a tenth of the population of Oslo has signed up.

The Goal

Retargeting current customers

The sporting equipment retailer wanted to increase in-store sales by not only reaching its existing customers during their individual active sales cycles, but also reaching them with relevant products that are available in the location closest to them.

We wanted to close this gap between online and offline. By using Facebook’s Offline Conversion functionality, we were able to use data from offline sales for campaign measurement, optimization and targeting while also excluding customers who had completed a purchase. This made the campaign more relevant to consumers based on their phase in the customer journey.

Jon Harald Rønning, CMO, Anton Sport

"We knew that Anton Sport’s core audience is shopping both online and offline, and we wanted to help Anton Sport to better understand the effect on offline sales after marketing on Facebook. We worked closely with the technical team at Group M, Anton Sport’s agency, to implement the Offline Conversion API, allowing Anton Sport to both measure offline sales and to build more relevant audiences to offer an even more compelling and personalized shopping experience." - Fredrik Carlsen, Solutions Engineer, Facebook

The Solution

Linking online and in-store actions

Anton Sport decided to use Facebook’s Offline Conversion API to better marry its online and offline sales and marketing efforts, and effectively close the data gap between its Facebook ads and the in-store sales tracked by its CRM system.

In deploying this API with the assistance of Facebook’s Solutions Engineering team, the retailer could automatically optimize its ads using offline data collected by its CRM, and better reach its existing customers with more relevant products. It partnered with media agency MEC and Facebook Marketing Partner to better automate its Facebook campaigns, especially those that retarget existing customers, like its Great Coat Sale campaign.

For this three-month-long campaign, the team pulled data from multiple sources, including its CRM and its Facebook Page, to identify a target audience based on people’s online and offline shopping history, their online interactions and their purchase frequency. It used the platform to automate mobile-optimized dynamic ads that were unique to each person viewing them. The ads pulled relevant products from a catalog of more than 250 items.

Anton Sport also used the API to automatically remove people from its campaign after they had completed a purchase, regardless of whether it was completed online or in stores.

A sporting success

Using Facebook’s Offline Conversion API, Anton Sport was not only able to pull data from multiple online and offline sources, but use that data to automatically optimize its Facebook ads to drive in-store results.

The Results


increase in year-over-year revenue


idecrease in overall marketing budget