Star Girl is a fashion role-playing game, with 70 million downloads, enjoyed by girls and young women all around the world

The Story

Star Girl Doubled Purchase Rates with Facebook Analytics for Apps

Developed by Hong Kong-based game developer Animoca, Star Girl is a fashion role-playing game enjoyed by girls and young women all around the world. Players can purchase virtual in-game items, including a wide selection of fashion apparel and accessories, and they can venture into singing, acting or modeling careers.

The Star Girl series has 70 million downloads across all platforms and the games are localized in 18 languages.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

To acquire high quality players who are more likely to turn into payers, Animoca leveraged App Events and Facebook Analytics for Apps to analyze the profiles of their existing players and payers.

The Solution

With insights from Facebook Analytics for Apps, Animoca created lookalike and custom audiences for its Star Girl campaigns. This resulted in a 100% improvement in click-through rate, and these newly acquired players have 30% higher day one retention and 20% higher Average Revenue Per User. Facebook Analytics for Apps eliminated the need for time intensive manual queries to generate audiences and enabled Animoca to quickly create dynamic audiences.

Facebook Analytics for Apps was also used to monitor players' engagement with the Star Wow Lucky Draw store in Star Girl. By implementing three app events — app launches, lucky draw participation, lucky draw purchases — Animoca created a funnel and could clearly see the percentage of players who have entered the lucky draw and continued with a purchase.

The funnel conversion rate is used to measure the effectiveness of each new lucky draw collection and enabled Animoca to adapt collections accordingly. For example, they used funnels and saw that the seasonal and holiday collections lead to a higher purchase rate. This insight guided them to launch a 'Trick or Trend' collection for Halloween in 2015, which brought an increase of nearly 2X in the number of purchases made for Star Wow Lucky Draw.

Facebook Analytics for Apps also helped Star Girl improve their game's player experience. Star Girl previously localized the game in Portugal Portuguese. However with Facebook Analytics for Apps, they noticed that they have a lot of players in Brazil who speak Brazilian Portuguese. This led them to work on localizing the game in Brazilian Portuguese.

The Results


CTR for ad campaigns


number of Star Wow Lucky Draw purchases made


installs of the Star Girl series

Facebook Products Used

Used to target lookalike and custom audiences on Facebook

Utilized to log players' and paying players' behaviors

Implemented native ads

Helped decipher the effectiveness of their lucky draw collections

Players can log in across multiple devices

Ability to share gameplay photos to Facebook