Facebook platform products help Anghami find harmony through customer engagement.

The Story

Anghami Finds Harmony Through Customer Engagement

Anghami, Arabic for ‘my tunes’, is the first music streaming platform for the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Launched in 2012 and headquartered in Beirut, the freemium service uses music to bring artists and fans together. Anghami attracts an average of 900K listeners each day and about 5.5M music lovers every month. With Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan as its key markets, Anghami has a clear focus on the MENA region.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Aiming to engage

Encouraging people to install the app is a good starting point, but to engage them was a primary concern for Anghami. The service demanded a solution that could help tailor the customer experience and grow its long-term value.

Facebook Login enabled the company to ask people for their locations, likes and friends, helping personalize the customers' experience as soon as they logged in. Powered with insights such as artists liked by users on Facebook, Anghami was able to show highly relevant content in the app. Showing popular songs of the listeners' favourite artists, friends activities and song catalogues based on origin and not just location were a few ways that the app used to keep its customers engaged. With mandatory sign-up, 62% of Anghami's customers chose Facebook Login, thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution. These Facebook-connected users showed a 28% higher lifetime value than their peers, registering 25% more visits and 30% more song plays than those who connect via other solutions.

Moreover, by enabling its highly engaged customers to share on Facebook the team was able to increase virality and grow organically.

On an average, we get over 650K monthly referrals from Facebook, of which almost 16% convert to installs. And the best part is, it's all free.

Elie Habib, Cofounder, Anghami

Ads that add value

Automated ads further supplemented this personalized customer experience. By leveraging the power of Facebook App Events, Anghami used customized ad placements to target specific user groups - for example those in the Middle East who may enjoy hip-hop music. By targeting the group with dynamic product ads of the top and new hip-hop songs as a product catalogue feed, the company was able to increase its monthly active users by 37% in one quarter.

Dynamic Product Ads extract product information from the app's product feed and dynamically turn them into ads. Using their top songs, artists, playlist and new or exclusive releases as product feed, Anghami leveraged dynamic product ads in the Carousel Mobile App Ads format to target listeners. By presenting tailored content based on their users' likes, the ads played a key role in acquiring new users and re-engaging existing ones seamlessly: a single click would take them straight to the app. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads not only proved to be significantly cheaper - 47% lower CPI compared to the next most expensive ad channel, but also attracted higher quality customers with 30% higher day 14 retention rate on Android compared to those recruited through other channels.

Bringing back churned users

Reaching out to churned users and bringing them back into the app was an equally important priority for the company. By building Custom Audiences from segments in Facebook Analytics for Apps, team Anghami created multiple audiences targeting people that hadn't launched the app in the last 30, 60 and 90 days, segmented by music genres. Re-engaging these listeners by introducing them to the new features and new songs based on their Facebook interests or likes that had been added in their absence, Anghami was able to bring back 10% of its customers who were advertised back to the app and this directly contributed to the growth in its MAUs.

Additionally, drilling down in demographic insights for every event helped the team optimize their marketing campaigns by showing content that is local and relevant to each country.

By tapping into the demographics and targeting segments on Facebook Analytics for Apps we were able to acquire users at 41% lower costs than they had been with engagement ads.

Elie Habib, Cofounder, Anghami

Aiming to continue engagement and adding long term value for its listeners, Anghami is now looking to reach the wider base of Arabic music lovers outside of the MENA region with Facebook as its partner of choice.

The Results


of Anghami's users login with Facebook


monthly referrals from Facebook Sharing


MAU increase in a quarter using App Events


lower cost of engagement ads using Facebook Analytics for Apps

Facebook Products Used

To segment users and personalize ads.

To re-target churned users

To tailor customer experience

To acquire high quality customers