Ahamove is an on-demand logistics service that helps people easily book and track drivers for parcel deliveries.

The Story

On-Demand Logistics Service AhaMove Delivers with Facebook Tools

Founded in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, AhaMove is an on-demand logistics service based on the concept of a shared economy, providing customers to fill excess capacity for logistics suppliers and reduce costs for consumers. People use AhaMove to easily book on-demand drivers to deliver and move parcels and track the items from their mobile devices.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Facebook provides us with some amazing open source tools to build a world-class product. Together with some other tools, we can reach out to a large amount of potential users quickly, and simply focus on building a great product and optimizing the service cost for our customers.

Ngon Pham, CTO, AhaMove

AhaMove first implemented Facebook Login to provide consumers with a convenient and fast way to access the app. They noticed that people using Facebook Login were 45% more likely to become active users of the app than people who accessed the app through other channels. Additionally, Facebook Login users have a 25% larger ticket size than people who didn't.

The Solution

To acquire more organic users, AhaMove leveraged Facebook App Invites. Using App Invites, consumers could invite their friends to download the app. AhaMove found that App Invites had a 47% click-through rate and that people using Facebook Login were 61.5% more likely to send out invitations to their friends.

As an FbStart member in the Bootstrap Track, AhaMove was able to tap into the multiple partners in the program, using discounted or free services to grow their app.

The Results


larger ticket size for Facebook Login customers


click-through rate for App Invites

Facebook Products Used

Consumers could invite their friends to download the app.

Provided people with a convenient way to access the app.

Leveraged Facebook products and third-party partner benefits to help AhaMove build and grow its app.