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Facebook Login

Their Story

A community for travellers

Avid climbers Olga Kot and Vladimir Prokoshev love to travel and have collectively visited 69 countries. They’d both been writing travel blogs before deciding to join forces to create a blogging and social travel platform. In 2010, they launched 3Pulse, a free online service that allows travelers to curate, map and share their travel experiences and memories with friends and other explorers.

Their Goal

Attracting more travel enthusiasts

3Pulse quickly became successful among the local community, but Olga and Vladimir wanted to scale their efforts and attract users from all over the world. Without a team of developers on staff, the pair needed an easy way to expand their reach combined with integrating and managing the onboarding of new users.

Their Solution

Seamless onboarding process

3Pulse decided to integrate Facebook Login because it’s a powerful tool with easy integration and functionality all in a single source. Their data showed that 80% of 3Pulse users discovered the service via their Facebook newsfeed, so it made sense to leverage Login for a smooth experience. When the user opens the app, the Login prompt is prominently displayed on the screen directing users to create their account, minimizing the choices. Throughout the onboarding process, necessary permissions are asked in the right context and with an explanation to avoid confusion. With Login as a focal point to join the service, Olga and Vladimir have seen 92% of 3Pulse users log in via Facebook.

Upon logging in, users can find other people with the help of Facebook’s Friend Finder. The site, which encourages users to share their travel maps with their friends, depends on its interactive nature of the community to grow their business. So far, 26% of users have shared their maps on their Facebook timelines.

For Olga and Vladimir, Login has been easy to use and hasn’t required them to hire people to manage it, leaving them more time to plan their next adventure.

Example of Quick Sign up

Their Success

Recording travel memories

Olga and Vladimir leveraged Facebook Login to simplify the user onboarding process, making it easier for people to not only discover the 3Pulse website, but also sign up, connect with friends and share special travel-related memories. They earned the following results:


of 3Pulse users discovered the service via Facebook newsfeed


of 3Pulse users log in via Facebook


of users successfully signed in via Facebook

“With 3Pulse, people can share their travel stories as well as connect with other users via Facebook. Their friends can also visit the site and create their own maps. With Facebook Login, people can easily sign up, create accounts and generate their unique travel adventures."

-Olga Kot and Vladimir Prokoshev, founders, 3Pulse

Products used